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I mostly liked it... will continue to use it and may buy another

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Bugle Tee

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Pros: consistent height

Cons: only good for driver, not adjustable

These tees come in two heights..2 3/4" & 3 1/4". Luckily the shorter on is the height I like for my driver.  Once I learn how to hit up on the ball  bit more perhaps the longer one will come into play. 

I still have to rely on finding broken tees on the tee box to hit irons/hybrids/3 woods off the tee as these are only good for drivers. 

It is nice to only have to have on in your pocket althought it takes a bit to get used to the size (but it is easier in the pocket than the brush tee). 

the one thing that is not good for is cleaning the grooves of your irons as the tip is a softer rubber than wood, etc and a bit thicker and not up to the job. 

Pushing the ball into the ground will take a while to get used to for those used to placing the ball on the tee and using the ball to push the tee into the ground.. As a tall person with a tight back this was a nuisance.

However... having a consistent height was such a nice and easy feature I plan on using this tee until I either lose, break it, or have it stolen.  My foursome liked it.  I am not sure they would go out of their way to buy it but just might if it were offered in the pro shop. 


I have only played two rounds so far and can not address the unbreakability of the tee but will say that I now it out the ground and send it for a ride each swing and it shows not sign of wear so far. 


As for value.. At $6 each it is a toss up.  My club offers tees for free so I might not be so quick to run out and get one or two.  However, the price is not astronomical so I will probably get another one or two to keep in the bag.


On the visual side, I would prefer having the bottom half white or a brighter color to help spot it once it goes on its merry way afer I send it for a ride...




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