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Durable Long Life Golf Tee

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Bugle Tee

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Pros: Perfect for a driver

Cons: Too tall for any other club

In April I purchased the Bugle Tee after hearing positive things about it on XM Raido / PGA Tour Network. I decided to purchase two packs of the Twin pack.  The Twin pack included the following items:


1x 3 1/4" Tee

1x 2 3/4" Tee


I bought two packs because I figured if I lost one - or one happened to break, I would have a replacement tee of the same height. The tee is great to hit with a driver because it has a tee setter built into it - and you get the perfect tee height every single time.  At least a perfect tee height for my driver.


The Bugle Tee is guaranteed to last for life - if it breaks or fails, you send the tee back to Bugle Tee for a free replacement.  That is a pretty nice guarantee - another reason why I purchased it.  


Ultimately, why I purchased the Bugle Tee was because I was getting tired of buying a bulk packs of tees - that would last me only 2 or 3 months before I needed to make another purchase.  So while I may have spent $24 in up front cost... I really believe this tee will pay for itself after a few golf seasons.


I've played over 30 rounds with these Bugle Tees and have no complaints.  The tee is still in perfect physical condition.  Cosmetically - I purchased the white colored tee - and while the white color is a little dull - and not nearly as brilliant as it was when it was first removed from the package - it still performs perfectly.  


Given the Bugle tee has a built in tee setter, I don't use it off the tee when I'm using an iron or 3W.  But I tee my irons and 3W/hybrids up very low - as if they were sitting on a perfect lie.  So I only use the Bugle Tee for my driver, and the balance of tee shots - I tee up with a broken tee.  The funny thing is - that I have quite a collection of wooden tees now - that I will occasionally use for my irons/3W - given I find them and then some courses give you tee's in the cart. 


Also - I do not use the Bugle tee with a driver - if there is any large waste area - or hazard to carry right beyond the tee box.  The reason is that the Bugle tee could potentially fly into it - which would make it difficult to retrieve.  Therefore, I typically only use the Bugle tee when I know for sure I don't have to worry about it flying into high grass, shrubs or water hazard directly in front of the teeing area.


Honestly - I love the Bugle Tee... And I'm ecstatic that I will never have to buy another set of tees again.

1 Comment:

My original review was early in the Summer of 2012. Todate, I still have the Bugle Tee in my arsenal... No issues whatsoever. And I use it on nearly every tee shot with the Driver. It has been an excellent purchase.
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