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Simple, reliable, time-saving tool for accurate yardages.

A Review On: Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo Plus GPS Watch

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Pros: Battery life gives you 3-4 full rounds of life, light weight (relative to a wristwatch), reliability, simplicity of use, quick charge time.

Cons: One has to use a USB port (laptop or other converter) to charge it.

I came across one of these GPS watches on sale at Golfsmith for a steal at $179.  I used it in a round an hour later and it worked like a charm.  I was not looking for a crazy gizmo that tells me yardage from my left foot to the bunker next to the water.  I just wanted something simple that gives me yardage to front, middle, back, and the Neo Plus GPS watch does just that.  


Play-by-play on use

It acts as a wristwatch until you use the side buttons to "Play Golf."  I am no dummy but I found it pretty simple to use, without even having to read the instructions.  The "menu" button gives you the option to "Play golf."  Once you've selected "Play Golf" with the "select" button - I know, they couldn't make it easier - the GPS kicks in and it asks you what course you're on.  For Example if I'm at my home course Canongate and I activate it at the Pro Shop, it gives me the option of selecting either 18 hole course.



Accurate up to +/- 1.5 yards compared to a hunting laser rangefinder.  This may be due to the fact that we always used the flag as a position test and the flag position may have been off.  It is accurate enough for anyone to use in my opinion, whether professional or amateur.



Nothing speeds up a round like having a yardage on your wrist.  I don't know why this isn't a must for people.  Many strangers I've golfed with act surprised when I look at my wrist and get a yardage.  I can't express how much time this has saved me estimating yardages and looking for sprinklerheads or yardage markers.  Do not confuse my enthusiam with the honeymoon effect - I have had this unit for over a month and used it in over 10 rounds.


From empty battery to a full charge takes less than 2 hours in my experience.



At some times I have found myself on a teebox and the watch is still on the last hole even though its green is 100 yards away.  Simply Menu->Change Holes-> Pick the hole.  The watch is user friendly and is pretty much common sense to work using the menu scroll and select buttons.  At times the charge receptors (see pictures) need cleaning.  Simply brush them lightly with a toothbrush. The charging mechanism is somewhat finicky to attach, but once it is attached you can rest assured it will be fine.


I've attached some pictures showing the charger and relative size of the watch to my hand and a can of grizzly.


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