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Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood


Pros: High ball flight, good feedback, easy to use

Cons: No longer in production

The club looks great, has a great sound and feel.


The club was produced in a wide range of lofts. From 1h 14* to 7h 32*
Right and left handed versions as well as ladies.
5 stock shaft choices from choices include light, regular, firm, strong in graphite and steel
Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood

Big Bertha Heavenwood with Graphite Shaft A hybrid in its highest form. You get the performance of a long iron and the forgiveness of a fairway wood. They re your go-to clubs for confidence, consistency and playability anywhere on the course. For years golfers have struggled to hit long irons just right, and many have even replaced them with easier-to-hit utility clubs such as 5- and 7-woods. Although this is an effective alternative to long irons, many golfers still have trouble getting the ball airborne, while accomplished golfers seem to prefer the playability of a smaller head design. The Big Bertha Heavenwood keeps everyone happy. Its elongated, low-profile head design allows golfers to get under the ball in all types of turf conditions. The low and deep center of gravity in the clubhead makes it a breeze to get the ball airborne. Elongated Low-Profile Face: The face inspires confidence in your shots and creates a high moment of inertia. That means you get more resistance to twisting, more stability and increased forgiveness. Core Technologies: S2H2 Design (Short Straight Hollow Hosel) shortens hosel length to redistribute weight and improve feel and control. Tru-Bore extends the shaft through the head for feel and control that go all the way through to the sole of the club. Modified Warbird Sole: Makes it easy to hit from any surface and promotes solid contact with your ball for distance and green-grabbing trajectories. Two-year warranty.

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