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For the <95 Driver Swingspeed Golfer Who Likes Carry and Distance and Good Wind Control

A Review On: Callaway HEX Chrome Golf Balls (Yellow)

Callaway HEX Chrome Golf Balls (Yellow)

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Launches High and Carries Well, Stops on Full Irons, Offers the Control of a Urethane Ball but not Stop and Drop

Cons: Wish it Applied the Brakes More Around the Greens; But for under $29 on sale, it's a relative bargain

Verdict: The Callaway HEX Chrome is for the player who desires the greenside control of urethane, but doesn't have the swing speed for a premium priced ball and wants more carry and distance; or doesn't want to pay the premium for a Pro V1 and will sacrifice some braking distance around the greens.


I've played this HEX Chrome ball for two seasons. And I really do have guys who play distance balls ask me what ball I play when I nail the green and the ball stops. And like the RBZ U, I toss them one and say, "Play it."


They like it - it stops for them, too. But they have a tough time spending $25-29/dz when they are spending <$20. Golfers - we're all different.


The HEX Chrome is Callaway's version of the RBZ Urethane (which was the TP3 beforehand).  Both balls are similar. They launch high off driver, metal woods, irons, etc. and offer more carry and distance than let's say something like the TM Lethal, HEX Black, or Chrome +, which I also played a couple of rounds. Premium Balls like the Lethal, Pro V1 and V1x put on the brakes around the green. On very fast greens, the HEX Chrome,  in comparison, will stop and roll.  It will stop quicker than non-urethane balls. How much? It depends on the ball.


Feel: It's a urethane ball. Callaway balls have a reputation for clickiness. I did not think this ball was clicky or mushy - I liked it. On the putting green, you engage the urethane cover - it feels soft without a high pitched clickiness. Off the irons, it feels soft. I will compare it to another urethane ball, an E5 - the HEX Chrome is noticeably softer feeling.


Distance: This ball gets up there with spin and carry - I say it launches higher than the RBZ Urethane and spins a tad more. I need that spin off irons and driver - I like the ball to get up, up in the air.


Color: White and remains White, not vanilla. The optic yellow is great at tracking the ball, especially in light-challenging conditions.


Wind: I play a lot in Oklahoma and N. Texas - so we get wind. The HEX Chrome does hold its line well, and  this feature along with the carry, has made it my "go to" ball for two seasons. If I need to keep the ball down more, I'd probably game the RBZ Urethane that day.


Durability: No issues.

Summary - Like the RBZ U, I knocked it down to 4 stars because it ought to have premium greenside control. It is a fine ball, and great value for the 95 SS and under player. I like the optic yellow - it's great at dusk.


1 Comment:

Thanks for the review - I'm looking into switching balls and will give a dozen of these a try.
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