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A Review On: Callaway Logo HEX Warbird (Yellow) Golf Balls

Callaway Logo HEX Warbird (Yellow) Golf Balls

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Pros: Easy distance, great color, improved durability

Cons: Very little spin

First of all, the retail price is $16.99. Don't pay a cent more than that. I actually complained when I saw these at Target for $20, and they had the item re-tagged at $16.99 three weeks later.

Hooray for effecting change in your neighborhood!

Love the color. It's not just yellow - it's "new tennis ball" yellow. A nice visual aide for those that have trouble keeping their eye squarely on the ball. It also seems to be more durable than previous warbirds, known for scuffing easier than a pair of Italian leather shoes. I've been able to make a ball last 27+ holes, provided I don't lose it in the trees. That said: you can often actually FIND your ball in the trees because of the color! So even if you don't feel the need for the color, it may save you a few bucks if you choose to use it!

As for how it plays: Well, not much spin, not much at all. But you wouldn't expect that for a 2-piece distance ball. I play bump-and-run on many of my shots anyway. There are advantages though, the biggest of which is that it seems to curb my nasty slice somewhat. I put very few of these into the woods.


You could do a lot worse for $16.99, that's for sure.


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