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Callaway Speed Regime 2 (SR2) Golf Balls

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #40 in Golf Balls


Pros: Distance

Cons: Price, Durability of golf ball

This ball is wonderful off the tee. Absolutely wonderful. I feel like the ball goes in between a V1 and a V1x, closer to the V1x off the tee. Distance doesn't really carry as much when using irons as much as driver. Not crazy about the ball's short game. The durability of the golf ball is horrendous. I have found this out with most Callaway golf balls. After one or two holes, ball scuffs like crazy. The shell seems to peel off. Bit pricy, would rather just buy ProV1s. 


Pros: Excellent around the greens. Long off the tee. Great Feel.

Cons: Price.

All I can say is that this is an excellent ball. I typically play the Pro-V1 and this balls performance is right up there with it. It has great distance and feel off the tee. Callaway claims that they have engineered the aerodynamics of the SR1, 2, and 3 around the swing speed of the golfer which is easily measurable. The SR1 is made for swing speeds under 90 mph so it doesn't have to deal with drag at the lower speed off the club and focuses instead on increasing lift for greater distance. The SR3 is deigned more for swing speeds over 105 mph and the focus is more on reducing air drag do to its higher velocity. I have not tested the SR1 or 3, so I cannot say if I noticed a difference. It is a great theory however.


What I can say about this ball is how it performed for me. As mentioned, I found this ball to perform very well off the driver. I found it to perform even better with iron and short game shots. Approach shots grab and hold off the irons, and I even had a 9i back up a few feet. Even shot shots around the green from the rough have some bite. Last weekend, I hit a short pitch shot that took a hop and then stopped a few inches from the hole for a tap in par. This is where a ball's performance means the most to me.


I will definitely keep playing this ball and give it much consideration in the future when my stash of Pro-V1s starts to run low.


Pros: Great spin on greenside and short range shots

Cons: Cover shreds very quickly, possibly won't hold up for very long

This ball checks up very well on approach shots and around the green. Better than any other ball I've ever played. However, even on the shorter chip shots I noticed that the cover would start to get torn up quickly. If you don't mind replacing your ball a couple times a round some days it's a great ball to go with.

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Callaway Speed Regime 2 (SR2) Golf Balls

Speed Regime 2 Aerodynamics Fit For Your Swing Speed If you're not playing a Tour ball that's been engineered and fit to your swing speed, you are giving up significant performance.

FeatureSoft Feel with Tour-Level Control: Soft cover promotes Tour-level control onapproach shots and shots around the green Ultimate in Spin SeparationDesigned For Your Swing Speed: Soft inner core generates low spin off thedriver for long distance Firmer outer core generates higher spin ratesfor more spin and total control with aggressivestopping power on short irons and wedges The thin inner and outer mantles producemore ball speed and reduce spin off the driverfor maximum distance
TitleCallaway Speed Regime 2 Golf Balls, White (Pack Of 12)
Item Weight1 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementMIC0430_01 1027734-AAA-1-7-B BL CG SR2 12B PK ENG CA641875113
Package Height1.9 inches
Package Length7.5 inches
Package Weight1.35 pounds
Package Width5.4 inches
UPCList - UPCListElement884885465822
Item Height8 inches
Item Length5 inches
Item Width4 inches
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Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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