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Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review

A Review On: Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball

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Pros: Straighter with better distance and feel around the greens-putts great!

Cons: None

~ Callaway Super Soft Golf Ball Review By Stogiesnbogies


FYI: I am a senior player with an 85-90 Max swing speed; a 15-17 handicap who plays senior flex shafted clubs. I hit my average drives between 180-200 yards and max out under ideal conditions with a very rare 220 yard "bomb".


  Callaway has produced the lowest compression ball on the market here with a 38 rating. In contrast the Wilson Staff Duo, it's nearest competitor has a 43 compression; the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite at 50, while the Titleist DT So/Lo checks in at 72. (FYI: All slower swing players; perhaps the reason that the Pro V1X does nothing for you or me has something to do with its 102 compression rating!)


In addition to it's softest compression which enhances direction and distance (as well as feel off the club) Callaway has produced a soft, responsive cover. The soft core and soft cover combine with HEX aerodynamics to produce a golf ball that reduces spin and adds distance.


I absolutely love this ball as it combines the best aspects of both the Wilson Staff Duo and the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite without any of their liabilities. For example the Callaway Super Soft has great distance like the duo but much better feel off the putter. I find the super soft to be straighter and consequently a tad longer than the Fifty Elite as well.


It performs great around the greens with approach shots that sit and pitches and chips that run true. It feels and sounds great off of all club faces. It has proven to be quite durable as well as I played 2 full rounds with one ball and it still looks fine; no scuffs, scratches or cuts.


Callaway definitely has a winner here for a large piece of the golfing market- namely seniors, most women and others with slower swing speeds. It is available in white or yellow (I tested white) and is well priced at 18 -20 dollars per dozen much like its market competitors, the Wilson Staff Duo and Titleist DT So/Lo. All good balls but I'm bagging the Callaway Super Softs Now!!


For $20 a dozen the new Callaway Supersoft is the best golf ball deal out there. It is my new ball. After years of playing the ProV1 I get the same or better results at half the price. Nice!
Hey JohnLund:
Glad to hear that your experience with this ball was much like mine.
Methinks that Titleist, who were on the wrong side of the compression debate, is starting to feel it a bit in the marketplace.  First I believe it was Bridgestone that explained "If you want to crush the ball you've got to compress it" ...and started producing lower compression balls for slower swing speeds (the kind of SS possessed by majority of amateur golfers)...and came at the market with a diverse price range of options from B330RX =$$$ to the more modestly priced e6 balls.....then Wilson Staff followed suit with , first the vastly underrated and excellently priced W/S Fifty Elite, followed by the more popular Duo......now Callaway laps the field of low compression options with a gem of a ball in the Super Soft!!   LOL
If you've seen Titleist's most recent TV ads, they are rather defensive and feature PGA Tour pros saying things like "Your ball doesn't know your handicap"  "It doesn't care what your swing speed is." and the like, followed by their R&D guys showing us slo-mo of different swing speeds impacting their top shelf golf balls and claiming there's no difference in effect or result.....which of course is rubbish for anyone with a slower SS like myself who has tried to tee off with either V1 or V1X....so we can believe their ads or our own lying eyes, eh?  LOL
Fairways and Greens. 
I don't think cost should have anything to do with ball choice. If anyone is serious about playing well they should be concerned with how a ball performs in the most important areas of the game. I see golfers on the range banging balls with no success. I play with golfers who are proud to bang out a 275 yard drive and can't find the. Cup with a gps. As far as balls I prefer pro v's above anything. Too many times golfers are sucked in with the promise if distance instead of performance around them green. Try to stop the new Callaway and you're a master. In fact, at best you might get five yards of any club. Even in talking with a titlest rep he admits that any golf ball in their line equates to no more than five yards in distance but critical performance around the green. I can stop a pro v1x on a dime and every ball I have tried and compared doesn't touch the performance . I would hope that more golfers would wake up and stop being primarily concerned with distance and see what happens around the green. Work from the green back to the tee box. There is also something very positive about having faith in the performance of equipment wether it be how a club looks and how you build a relationship with equipment and your abilities.
Wow! A zombie thread comes to life!  LOL
You say: "I don't think cost should have anything to do with ball choice."
Many golfers don't have the luxury of dropping 50 bucks for a dozen balls. It is especially wasteful when those balls do not perform for your swing speed.
What's more, golfers with slower swing speeds get better overall results with lower compression balls.  Bridgestone was on the right side of that debate when Titleist was insisting that V1 and V1X were for EVERY golfer. 
Senior players like myself can not compress those Tour quality balls and we get better distance from balls like Super Soft, Wilson/Staff Duo , and the Fifty Elite, Bridgestone e6,....the best Titleist ball for most golfers is actually the ever so humble DT So/Lo which has the lowest compression in the Titleist line up.  Golf Digest and Golf Mag  reviews have said as much as well. And these new lower compression balls perform very well around the green.
If you are one of the very few amateurs with a swing speed in and around 100 MPH ....good for you....go with the V1 and V1X but those balls are definitely not best suited for the majority of weekend warriors.
BTW: If your playing partners are hitting 275 yard drives they are more than rare birds since Trackman stats state: " The Average Male Amateur  has an average club speed of 93.4 mph and an average total distance of 214 yards. "   FYI: No one exaggerates driver distance like the average male amateur, mate!   275 yards would match the driving average of top LPGA pro Brittany Lincicome!!   Now I play with a guy who can occasionally hit one 270 under ideal conditions but you will not see many amateurs average that kind of distance.....better use a good GPS and have your partners face the truth!   LOL   Cheers
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