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Comfortable, but wore out quickly

A Review On: Callaway Tech Series Tour Golf Glove

Callaway Tech Series Tour Golf Glove

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Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Not durable

I thought the glove was decent overall, but it wore through very quickly.

It was a fairly comfortable and had as good a feel as any synthetic glove. But it only took about 20 range trips and 5 rounds over the course a few months before I found a small rip in the middle of the heel of the hand. I noticed it in the middle of a round and five holes later it was a couple inches long. It also got the dark "dirty" look a lot faster than most gloves, which persisted even after a washing.

I take decent care of my gloves and I don't grip the club too tightly. I don't think I've had a glove wear through that quickly.


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