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Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set


Pros: great distance. huge sweet spot

Cons: none

These clubs are amazing, I just switched from atoms to these and I distance is huge. I tried both the x-20's and the 24's. I found that the 20'sthe had good distance and still hit slight even if you didn't catch it right. The 24's are a more experienced club with more distance.


Pros: More distance, pure feel, workability, great appearance

Cons: Finish wears off; does not affect play

I was hitting Callaway X-20 irons and liked them but noticed a loss of distance from my old set of Cobra irons and was seeking to make that distance up. Looking at the specs on the X-24 irons, the lofts are stronger. Knowing that there were design similarities between the 20's and the 24's, I pulled the trigger. I bought the 4-PW along with both the SW and AW to complete my set. I like the Uniflex Shaft and stuck with it. I got an awesome deal on the set in "Like New" condition and, after my trade-in, ended up only a little over $100 into the new set. In under a week I had my new irons and was ready to test them out.



The X-24's look great. The color combination, the shape, and the size all match perfectly and inspire confidence. Even though these fall into the game improvement category, they don't appear oversized or bulky. When addressing the ball they really allow a better view of alignment because of the darker tint finish. But their real strength lay in their performance. With each iron I gained yardage over the X-20 set. I gained an average of 8 yards with the PW, 9, 8, and 7. With the 6, 5, and 4 I gained 12 yards. The AW is deadly accurate for me from 85 to 115 and the SW is awesome from 50 to 85; I have no gaps in distances long or short now because I made the decision to buy the entire set. Best of all regarding performance was the workability. I play to a 6 handicap and enjoy working the ball a little. I usually play a draw but it was nice to see that I could pull a fade off when I wanted/needed to. These irons also hit the ball high which means a nice, soft landing. This means more accuracy. So, between the hotter face, the hotter lofts, and the large sweet spot, even mishits are going to go further.



Don't get too used to that beautiful finish; it won't last. I had only finished my first bucket at the range when I noticed the finish being worn on the sole and face of each iron. Now that I have played 10 rounds with them the faces are bare of the original finish as are the soles. This does not affect play at all. You cannot see the marks at address; only when the irons are upright in the bag. It is just a shame that Callaway didn't follow in the footsteps of other makers and assure that this finish lasted.


In addition these irons are a real challenge to dial in. Go into them knowing that they are going to be MUCH longer. This will mean rethinking things, believe me. I was hitting my X-20 7 iron about 145 to 150. I hit the new 7 iron solidly 155 with ease and can push it up to 160. On my first par 3 with the new irons, a 148 yarder with a slight wind in my face, out of habit I pulled the 7. I flew the green. Great for the ego and for up and down short game practice. Not so great for the end score if you do this sort of thing too often.



Bargains can be had on these irons now and they are, as their name implies, HOT. I personally love the gain in distance and accuracy and really enjoy hitting more greens in regulation. On one recent outing I hit a solid 4 iron onto a par 3 green 198 yards downrange! (a little wind helping) I NEVER hit my old Cobra 4 that far and no way would the X-20 4 iron go even close.


If you are looking for a bargain set from a quality manufacturer that is going to improve your distance, consistency, and fun, you should at least test these out. Let's face it; golf is a four letter word for a reason. But we can make it more fun by playing with quality. Better clubs mean better results. And these ARE better clubs.


Good Luck. Keep them in the short grass. Hope this review helps!

Jim Wilson


Pros: Beautiful look, forgiving

Cons: Shows wear pretty quickly

 I picked these up a couple of weeks back via an open-box deal at GlobalGolf.com.  Great price for the clubs, though I got closer to retail after having them fit.  I love the look of these clubs.  I'm glad to see more companies start coming out with the black look to irons, it just fits my tastes perfectly.  The clubs are defintely much more forgiving than the last set of clubs I had (Nicklaus all-in-one set bought 5-6 years ago).  Being such a high-handicapper, it is nice to have a club that can save me from myself now and then, which these seemed to do on more than one occasion during my first couple of rounds.

Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set

Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set 4-AW with Steel Shafts The Callaway X-24 HOT Iron Set 4-AW with Steel Shafts is new for 2010 from the makers of the No.1 irons in golf for the last 13 years. The X-24 HOT Iron Set is the longest, most accurate X Series iron ever. The main piece of technology at work is Callaway s VFT, or Variable Face Thickness technology which uses precision milling to achieve a hot clubface that s thinner in the middle than at the edges. What you get is a springy, robust clubface with an enlarged sweet spot that delivers faster ball speeds more consistently across the face, so you ll experience improved distance, even on off-center hits. Around back, you ll see Callaway s notch weighting at work. Discretionary weight is relocated to the perimeter of the club which promotes accuracy and allows Callaway to place the center of gravity in an optimal position to generate strong trajectories. Also evident in the X-24s is Callaway s S2H2 hosel, which removes weight from the hosel to be repositioned in the clubhead for added performance, a 360 Undercut Channel, which further optimizes the center of gravity for added stability and Modified Tru-Bore allows the shaft tip to extend through the hosel and clubhead to the sole for improved feel and control. The whole package is completed with a non-glare Stealth PVD Finish that keeps your eyes trained on the target and not on the clubhead. Additional Features: Grip: Callaway Full Cord Material: Steel Set composition: 4- Approach Wedge Shaft type: Callaway Uniflex Steel

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