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Callaway X Forged Iron Set


Pros: Precise, Soft, Beautiful, little Bounce

Cons: A bit less distant than the normal X series

I used to play with Callaway X-12 offset irons since I was a kid. However I remember that I started to play Golf with blades without offset. The teacher gave them to me and told me that they were good for me and that I should play with them. Instead of listening I paid a lot of money and went to the forgiving full cavity back Big Bertha irons. They improved my handicap, but not my game and subventioned all errors in my swing.


This was the reason why I now went to the X-forged irons. They have a cavity back, but no offset and are made of soft forged steel. The rifle shaft 6.0 is slightly softer than the true temper shafts that I had before and I have to swing with less tempo but more rhythm. When I mishit the ball it really hurts in the hands. But when I hit the sweetspot it feels like going through butter and hitting the pin. Just with this feeling they improved my game and my swing a lot. They made me feel my errors and therefore made me understand a bit more what Golf actually is.


However they are not as distant as you would expect from a callaway club. Especially when you do not hit them centered they remain shorter. But this can be an advantege on the course... Out of the rough they are simply great because of their nice bounce and heavy sole. There is no problem to get out of the heavy rough with them. I do have the tour version with slightly more bounce. This makes aggressive play possible even from fairway bunkers or difficult lies.


I can recommend this set to all golf players who want to improve their game not only by their equipment, but more likely by themselves. Advanced players might want to instantly go to the Callaway prototypes but for a single digit handicapper these irons are a perfect middle way between slight forgiveness and nice feedback.



Callaway X Forged Iron Set

Callaway X-Forged Iron Set 3-PW with Steel Shafts World-class clubs for world-class golfers. The Callaway X-Forged are forged, notch-back blade irons designed for elite golfers seeking the ultimate in shot-making and distance control. Features: Foreged 1020 Carbon Steel Construction provides unmatched feel and performance, giving elite golfers incredibly soft, responsive feedback at impact With a thin top line, a narrow sole, shorter blade length and minmal offset these irons deliver the aesthetic and shot-shaping ability that elite players demand Notch Back Design increases stability through impact, enhances feel and keeps CG close to the face for masimum workability Flighted CG Design : The center of gravity is strategically positioned lower in the long irons and progressively moves higher through the set, providing ideal trajectories and precision distance control

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