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Cleveland Men's Mashie Hybrid Rh New


Pros: I love the natural look, it hits long and straight

Cons: None

Recently, I bought a Mashie I3 to substitute for my 5 wood on days that I may not be swinging well with my woods.  As well know, every round of golf is different, some days, we play better with our woods and other days we play better with our irons.


I put the Mashie I3 in my bag to save me on days that I can't use my 5 wood, then again, after using the Mashie a few times on the golf course, I began to like it more and more.


It's easy to get the ball airborne, has a great sound when you strike the ball and the feel is wonderful with the Miyazaki graphite shaft and best of all, it is priced very reasonably.


If anyone is looking for a 3 iron replacement, this Mashie hybrid is a great substitute, enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed it.


Pros: Easy to hit, Straight as an arrow, Long long long

Cons: none

I just started golfing 2 years ago, so needless to say I am a high handicapper with a swing speed on my driver of around 84. I know that is not very good, but as my swing is improving my speed is coming up but it will take some time. When I miss hit, it is almost always a slice. I really have had a hard time with my 3 and 4 irons so I have been researching hybrids and after reading the reviews on here as well as other sites I decided to try out the Mashie M3 & M5 regular flex. I just received them yesterday and took them to the range today during lunch. I was hitting the M5 around 160 in the air and 180 after the roll, and the M3 around 180 in the air and 200 or so after the roll. My shots were almost all straight as an arrow with a few of them having a slight draw. That is not as long as others have reported but it is great for me as my best driver length is 235 to 250, with at least half of my drives ending up in the next fairway over. I was so excited after hitting the bucket on the range that I decided I wasn't going back to work. I was able to get right on the course on the back 9 so off I went. I left my driver in the car and used the M3 for all my tee shots that I would normally use my driver. I didn't hit all the fairways that I used the M3, but I did hit a majority of them. When I did miss it was actually on the left and not in the deep rough but in the first cut. I couldn't believe it. The one hole that best describes how much these clubs helped me was on 18. It is a 423 yard par 5 with an elevated tee box and an elevated green with a dogleg left at 210 yards. I teed off with the M3 and hit it straight through the dogleg about 5 yards inside the rough on the right side, which was a total of around 220 yards thanks to the perfectly straight hit and the elevated tee. This left me around 200 yards uphill to the flag from the rough. I decided to use the M5 as I believed it would make it easier to get it up and out of the rough as well as get up the hill better. I swung nice and easy and watched as the ball came right out and flew straight as an arrow, unfortunately I was lined up right of the flag. The ball ended up about 30 yards shy of the green on the right side of the fairway. I then used my 7 iron to hit and run the ball onto the green, I love this shot, I don't know why but it really works great for me anywhere inside of 40 yards or so. I was actually on the green in 3 with a chance to putt for birdie on one of the harder holes of the back 9. I ended up with a bogey due to missing my second putt of less than 2 feet, I'm such a meat head sometimes. I had one of my worst days putting with several 3 and 4 putts and still ended up matching my best 9 holes ever with a 48. I almost feel like these hybrids were made for me and my swing. If you are a high handicapper like me you have got to give these a try. The offset really works for us slicers and the weight is perfect. They are literally the easiest clubs I have ever hit, although granted I haven't hit all of the new hybrids, although I did hit the Razr, Cobra, and Taylormade Superfast hybrids at Golfsmith prior to ordering these. I now want to get either the M2 or M1 to use off the tee, but I have a question for any of you more veteran players out there as to which one to get. The M1 is 15.5* with a 41.25 inch shaft and the M2 is 18* with a 40.75 inch shaft. Do you think that 15.5* will be too tough to keep straight especially with the longer shaft? The one inch difference between the M3 and M5 shaft lengths didn't seem to affect me at all so maybe I am giving the length too much consideration especially since the swing weight stays the same at D4. My concern with the M2 is that I won't gain much as far as distance goes. I am hoping that the M1 gives me 200 to 210 in the air with the net result in the 230 to 240 range after rolling out. Is that reasonable or just a wet dream? Any way sorry for the long review, but I am very excited about these hybrids. I think they are at the very least worth trying out whether you are a low or high handicapper


Pros: Easy to hit on partial swings

Cons: Trouble getting consistent ball flight

Hybrids hadn't been invented the last time I played regularly, so when I started playing again this year and bought new irons they never even occurred to me.  After playing with my set for a couple months and talking to a lot of folks I came to the conclusion that I needed a Hybrid to fill the gap between my 4 iron and 5 wood.


I had tried the Mashie at a local club event and liked it.  When I went to the golf store to buy it I tried out the new Nickent and the Adams as well.  I didn't care for the Adams, so it was between the Mashie and the Nickent.  I actually liked the look and setup of the Nickent better, but at 19 deg it seemed to close to my 18 deg 5 wood so I chose the Mashie.


I wish now (but can't tell my wife) that I had chosen the Nickent.  The Mashie is OK but hasn't lived up to the hype.  I'm just not comfortable with this club and I usually monster hook it.  Maybe with a little more work I'll come to like it better, but as of right now I wouldn't buy another one.


UPDATE: I just couldn't get used to this club, so I traded it for a new Nickent, review coming soon.

Cleveland Men's Mashie Hybrid Rh New

The Cleveland Mashie Hybrid features the following: Gliderail sole design with subtle center keel A precise tumble process produces a unique throw back crown finish Decreased club weight and increased length produce effortless distance through higher head speed

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