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I have changed my review on this umbrella from one up to five star because company stands behind their products.

A Review On: Clicgear Umbrella

Clicgear Umbrella

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Pros: Great sun protection handle fits well in cart, tall enough to walk comfortably under and a good warrenty if it fails

Cons: Support stem broke on mine that keeps umbrella fabric streched out when open.

I bought this some time around Memorial Day through Golfsmith who ordered it from Clicgear.   One of the eight umbrella support rods broke the third time out of my bag.  Sunny day and no wind not very strong (in all fairness I have used this in 25 to 30 mph wind since with no issues).  May have brushed up agains some spruce trees walking between holes while on cart?  I know that I looked up near the last hole at my umbrella and the fabric was sliding up one of the support stems?  I am completely satisfied with the service and warranty from Clicgear to change my earlier post on this umbrella.  Under warrenty I chose to get a new umbrella (rather than my money back from Golfsmith) because I feel Clicgear stands behind their products 100% after proving that one of the umbrella support rails broke while I was using it by sending a photo back in.  This to me is a very important reason to deal with clicgear as I have the 3.0 Clicgear Cart and have been using it all summer and the umbrella once the days got hot.  I feel that I was to quick to judge when my umbrella failed and was unfair to the Clicgear people in posting this before getting a response from them and I appologize for that.


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Accessories › Golf Umbrellas › Clicgear Umbrella › Reviews › JDVasos's Review