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Very solid club.

A Review On: Cobra Golf Bio Cell Driver

Cobra Golf Bio Cell Driver

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Pros: Easy to hit for mid to high handicaps

Cons: Not confirmed, but I watched two video reviews from pros that lost 10 yards out of 260 carry versus the Bio cell plus

The feel is nice and heavy compared to many other clubs I recently tested. It is designed for the mid to high handicap in mind, and I think it lives up to the reputation.

Overall, the club feels nice and solid in my hands. I tested both the 5.5 and the 6.0 shafts at a couple loft angles. The club feels very nice at address, although I tend to need to align it 1/4" inside the King Cobra alignment mark, the toe is aligned more with the ball. Both shafts seemed to perform very well. I tested the 5.5 in the simulator and did some field tests with the 6.0 shaft. One thing that annoyed me at first is the slight draw bias, but as I got tired the draw bias helped me stay straight on the range. I don't think I'll ever need the draw settings on the adjustable loft settings, but it is nice to know they are there.

I also read a couple other reviews, where one reviewer was so excited that he thinks that the club has a self healing path. That is, a pull will end in a fade and a push will end in a draw. It might have for him, but not so with me. However, I will say that this driver is very easy to hit straight.

The technology is the same as the plus and pro versions, but is slightly draw biased and has a titanium crown rather than the super light alloy. Probably just as well as the mid/high capper tends to have "accidental" crownings on occasion.

The heavier weight also is easier to hit more consistently. Not sure how much it actually helps, but it is a nice feeling.

I hit balls at the range, and was pleasantly surprised to see almost the same consistency I saw at the simulator on the driving range. I anticipate this translating to more confidence on the course.

I watched videos of Mark Crossfield and Rick Shiels testing this driver and the plus drivers. Both of them appeared to hit 10 yards less with this club than the 440cc plus version of the club. I don't think this will be an issue for most mid to high handicaps, because it is more likely to retain distance with off center hits. Remember that their swing speeds are 106mph to 112mph with a 1/4" variation on the face. The normal golfer is lucky to swing 90 to 100 on the course within a 1" radius.

Overall, this club is pretty solid off the tee for the mid/high handicapper, and will be a nice performer.


From what I saw in the vids of Mark and Rick they were likely losing those 10ish yards from the extra spin of the Bio Cell as opposed to the Bio Cell +. I can't wait to test mine out when I get home in a few weeks. Good review.
So this BioCell driver is 460cc?  And Cobra also offers a 440cc head, but maybe under a different model name?
Yes the Bio Cell is 460 but the Bio Cell + and Bio Cell Pro are 440cc
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