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My first review: Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver

A Review On: Cobra Men's Bio Cell+ Driver

Cobra Men's Bio Cell+ Driver

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Pros: Looks, feel, performance, forgiveness

Cons: Color/looks if flashy clubs aren't your thing

After reading a bunch of reviews online, including @jamo's on the main site, in addition to my impatience with searching for a new driver, I decided to go with the Bio Cell+. I purchased it from Hurricane Golf for a very reasonable price - about $210 shipped - and it arrived very quickly. I was quite excited when it did. I purchased it with a stiff-flex Matrix Red Tie 6Q3 shaft. I wanted to wait until I got some rounds under my belt before reviewing this. This is the first time I've reviewed anything, so bear with me.


One of the big factors for my purchase was the look of the driver. I went with the silver color, because I think it went the best with the white shaft. The shaft alone looks really cool, especially the multicolor pattern in the Matrix logo. If silver's not your thing, the "customizable" part of the clubhead comes in a variety of other colors - orange, blue, red and black. I think looks are important, because if you're inconsistant like me, you may as well look good when you're playing poorly! If you're playing well, even better, and this club will certainly contribute to that. Another thing I like about this club is the slightly smaller clubhead at address. I feel much more comfortable than when I'm looking at bigger clubs. A nice bonus of the smaller clubhead is that it'll fit into more headcovers, too! I know the square driver thing is over, but the ridiculous shape of my Sumo2 5900 wouldn't fit into anything.


As far as the feel and performance of the club go, I have been thoroughly pleased. One of the most important things for me is the weighting, which feels very balanced. I've hit drivers that felt way too light to the point where I felt like I didn't have full control of it (my friend's Ping G20 comes to mind), and ones that are too heavy (my Sumo2 5900 falls under this category). It sounds great, too. I remember hitting Cobra drivers at Golfsmith a few years ago and the thing that stood out the most was how obnoxiously loud they were. The Bio Cell+ makes a nice solid smacking sound when you hit the ball, no loud pings or anything like that; it's actually a little on the more muffled side. The feel when you hit the ball is very smooth, too. You do notice a bit of a less solid feel on mishits, though, albeit slightly.


"Forgiveness" is something many people seem to be looking for in a driver - sure the ball can go a long way when you hit it on the center of clubface, but what about on mishits? With the Bio Cell+, I didn't notice much difference between the two, although my definition of a mishit might be a tad loose. I'm not a super long hitter, but I don't have a problem getting it out there 270+. I don't notice much distance loss at all when I catch the ball off center. As far as the distance goes compared to other drivers, I'm hitting it a bit longer than my past driver (Sumo2 5900) and my dad's Burner SuperFast 2.0, which I had also been using. It's nothing substantial, and I wasn't expecting to hit it much longer, since there has to be some sort of limit as to how far you can hit, right?


A major issue I had with drivers was ballooning/hitting the ball way up in the air. I've used drivers ranging from 8.5 to 10.5 degrees, and I had that problem regardless. Not with this club, though. It has a nice penetrating mid-trajectory ball flight. It came set for 9.5 degrees; I tinkered with it a bit, just to see how adjusting works, but I kept the 9.5 degree setting. I was actually kind of shocked how much better the ball flight with this club is; I was worried I would have the same ballooning issue with this club, but I have not. Maybe it's because I've been mercilessly working on improving my golf swing lately, but whatever it is, I couldn't be happier with the ball flight of this driver.


On the nitpicky side of things, the torque wrench requires quite a bit of, well, torque, to "click" the screw in place. This is my first adjustable driver, so I don't know if that's normal or not. Either way it isn't a big deal. Aside from that, adjusting it is very simple.


I used to think Cobra as a slightly lesser brand than the other big brands out there, and I couldn't have been more wrong. I'll definitely be looking at them for other clubs in the future. Give the Bio Cell+ a look if you're in the market for a new driver.


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