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Cobra Bio Cell+ Driver Review

A Review On: Cobra Men's Bio Cell+ Golf Driver, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, Silver

Cobra Men's Bio Cell+ Golf Driver, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular, Silver

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Pros: Looks great, high launch, good distance, extremely forgiving.

Cons: Price.

Cobra hasn't advertised the Bio Cell+ as hard as companies like TaylorMade, so I didn't quite know what to expect going into this review. Was I supposed to see 20 extra yards? Should blimps overhead have been afraid of the extra height I was going to get? Should I have expected to be wowed with its adjustably? All their website tells me is to anticipate “longer, straighter drives.” Well, duh.
But what that relative lack of expectations let me do was hit this driver with a completely open mind. Free from knowing what Cobra said this club should do, all I know is what I've seen this club do.
And that's quite a lot. I'm not sure I've truly mis-hit a single golf ball the entire time I've had the Bio Cell+. Some were hit off-center, certainly, but the results were so much better than I deserved that I almost felt a little bit guilty. (Almost.) Distance, too, was extraordinary, and I'm not sure I've hit a multi-material driver that has sounded this good. I felt like I could work the ball either way, without an overarching shot shape that I constantly had to battle.
It's going to be in my bag for a good long while, and I urge you to not overlook the Cobra Bio Cell+ if you're in the market.


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