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Cobra Puma Golf AMP Driver


Pros: great distance, good looks, very forgving

Cons: Rickie Fowler advertises it. :(


  Honestly, right now I couldn't tell you why I blasted this driver 200 plus, totaling in at 212. It's not a heavinly advertised. I mean to say not lots of hype in the technology rathet than simply the graphics which are sick by the way (in my hands, they are, in Rickie's, aahhh, can't explain it.) Maybe it's the oragne Lamkin 3GEN grip with R.E.L. Maybe it's the E9 Face techonology. Or maybe it's the Advance Material Placement, the spelled out version ofwhat AMP is an acronym for. Or maybe it's the fact that the website describes the driver like a nice ass: "100% Pure. Fresh. Juicy. Sweet." I really don't know. But when I gripped it, I sure as hell ripped it. If your curiosity of this orange driver outweighs your repulsion of my metaphors, keep reading.


  I taped it up, hit it, and was left AMPED! My usual shot was a high straight shot; sometimes draw with an occasional power fade when my shoulders couldn't catch up. On my last shot I tried to kill it. But I still couldn't top 213, my highest with Razr Fit. I fell a yard short. That's how many would probably describe this to Razr Fit, just a yard short, especially in the looks category. But I loved the looks, cool grey, with high contrast bright orange. I did all of this with a stiff stock shaft offering. Weird, but I LOVED it, truly.



 The sterotype golfer: a white old man who wears plaid, sweater vests, little hats with poppies on top, and is crabby. This driver wouldn't appear to fir that golfer. But it would, just like it fits me, just like it fits people who get paid to do what you all love. Don't get me wrong, I love plaid and sweater vests; I'm more classic in the looks department. So when you think this driver don't let your mind jump to "kids these days." If Rickie Fowler didn't look like hippie, then maybe people wouldn't see him with it and say, "What happened to golf." If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, every day would be Christmas, or Halloween in this case. But it's just a driver, not a lifestlyle change. Until you hit.a2_wink.gif

Cobra Puma Golf AMP Driver

AMP DRIVER 100% PURE. FRESH. JUICY. SWEET TECHNOLOGY. Trusted and Tour proven by the best, the AMP Driver features Advanced Material PlacementTM, E9 Face TechnologyTM and Adjustable Flight TechnologyTM to deliver blistering ball speeds and customized performance. ESSENTIALS E9 Face Technology With Dual Roll Adjustable Flight Technology Advanced Material Placement PLAYER PROFILE Why Buy It? A juicy dose of long and straight. What Are You Buying? All around performance... chase that! HEAD MATERIAL Titanium 6-4 head with semi-forged, milled titanium face AVAILABLE LOFTS RH: 8.5º, 9.5º, 10.5º, 11.5º TECHNOLOGY E9 FACE TECHNOLOGY WITH DUAL ROLL A 30% Larger Sweet Zone and a new approach to bulge and roll design delivers distance and accuracy. ADJUSTABLE FLIGHT TECHNOLOGY™ Three simple face-angle settings (Open, Neutral and Closed) optimize ball flight for increased distance and improved accuracy. ADVANCED MATERIAL PLACEMENT Sophisticated computer modelling and simulation allow designers to thin walls to save weight and re-distribute up to 15 grams of mass deep and back in the clubhead, to maximize distance through optimized launch conditions.

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