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Cobra S2 Driver

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Rated #66 in Drivers


Pros: long, forgiving, balanced

Cons: stock shaft sucks

i bought this driver at the end of last season so i got it for 110 dollars i thought wow I'm stealing this driver. and after a new shaft i really did the stock fujikura shaft is too light to withstand high swing speeds and it wasn't even balanced right so i went to a local club maker and he gave me a proper stiff shaft because although the fujikura said stiff on it, it tested as an unbalanced low end of regular almost senior! spent 70 bucks for the new shaft still only spent 180 for this driver and it took my driving average from 285 to 300yards. and I'm in the middle of the fairway 9 out of 10 times....now that you cannot complain about

Cobra S2 Driver

Cobra S2 Driver The Cobra S2 Driver features many of the game-improving technologies found on other Cobra drivers, but with the added benefit of AFT, or Adjustable Flight Technology. By using the included torque wrench and making just a minor adjustment to the hosel, you can set the driver head to have an open, neutral or closed club face, so you can get the best type of performance out of the S2 to fit your game, whether you re trying to correct a slice, a hook or otherwise. Also included in the S2 is Cobra s 9-points technology, which creates a grid of 9 hot points behind the club face which generate a much larger sweet spot than on a traditional driver and keep your drives on a straight trajectory, even when you strike the ball off-center. The Cobra S2 s newer, more traditional head shape features these two weight pads at the back to improve the center of gravity performance and enhance weight transfer. Thanks to this highly engineered head structure, the S2 is also one of the best sounding drivers currently available. Additional Features: Body Construction: Titanium Crown Construction: Titanium Face Construction: Titanium USGA conforming Shaft brand: Fujikura

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