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The Softest Cotton Shirt I ever Had!!!

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Pros: Quality, Fit, Not hindering, Light, Breathable, Style

Cons: None so Far

A little background on myself first. I am 6' 1/2" tall, and weight about 205 lbs. I am an avid golfer, by which I mean I play roughly 1-2 rounds a week during the golf season. Unless otherwise noted, I rather carry and walk the course than ride a cart. So when I am searching for a golf shirt I look for one that can stand up during the humid summers in Ohio. Typically my golf shirts are usually hybrid mix of synthetic fibers with cotton. Usually those shirts that will "wick" the moisture away. These work pretty good for me. Yet these shirts always seem kinda tight and stuffy. 


So how does the, "Criquet" golf shirt stand up?



When I first saw the shirt, I noticed right away the quality of the dyes used. The colors were vibrant and uniform. I am not really a fan of stripped shirts, but this one quickly grew on me. Its a three button shirt, with sleeves that go about half way down the bicep. Its a shirt that will look good with any pair of dress pant (black or khaki), and shorts. Being very simple colors, it can be used in a variety of situations from work to golf. 



Besides look this is probably the number one factor for a golf shirt. Too loose and material can feel like it gets in the way of the swing. Too tight and a shirt feels like it impedes the swing. This shirt was perfectly fitted. Shirts are usually classified by a certain trim. I would classify this as a regular fit. Slim fit would be a bit more conforming down the stomach region. This shirt fit me perfectly. It wasn't too loose or too tight. Honestly sometimes I wonder if the shirt is there, it was so light and conforming. I was able to take a few practice swings indoors (still winter in Ohio), and the shirt doesn't inhibit anything. Most golf shirts I have to pull up a sleeve or adjust a part so it sits better. This shirt requires none of that. It lays perfect, and doesn't inhibit any golfing motion. Honestly the fit blew me away. It was like they took my measurements and fitted me for a shirt just for me. I guess I got lucky maybe, but I think the Jersey Cotton helps out with that. Its very conforming with out being constricting. 



The website advertises 100% Jersey Cotton. So I was curious and from my research Jersey Cotton is a type of knitting process that promotes a cotton fabric that stretches, as much as 25%. This type of cotton seems to be ideal for a golf shirt. I am curious about the durability and how it will handle a full golf season. When I first took the shirt out of the bag, I was struck by how soft the shirt was. The seams are solid. The stitching looks to be impeccable with no frays or loose ends. It is cotton, so some shrinkage is foreseeable. Of course how a person washes the cloths can minimize this. 



Well this section will have to wait till I get into the golf season. In Ohio, who knows when that will happen. As of some test swings the initial function when pertaining to swinging the golf club is promising. 



Price being $78.00 for the shirt. That is getting up into the premium range for shirts in my opinion. Yet, you hardly ever see 100% cotton shirts anymore. The shirt is really a luxury to have. Honestly it is the most comfortable golf shirt I have ever worn. It just sits so naturally over the body and is so light weight. I will still hold my final judgement on the value till I till the summer, were I am out golfing in 90 degree weather, putting the shirt through the paces. If the shirt holds up through that, then I would say it is worth every penny. Even right now it is still a shirt I am considering buying more of just to wear besides golfing. I usually weight quality, functionality versus price. A lot of time value really wins out. This shirt is pretty steep compared to my normal price range. Yet this shirt is impressive as a normal polo shirt with its quality, fit and feel that I could easily buy this and not wear it for golfing. 


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