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Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove


Pros: Quality Leather

Cons: Fit

When I first received the Cutters 019T C-Tack Tour Golf Glove, I wasn't sure if I was sent a football glove or golf glove.  The glove came in a pouch with a slide zipper to keep the glove fresh.  The glove is made out of high-quality leather, and it has black stretch material on the top of the hand to help the glove stretch to the wearer.  The palm of the hand has black padding on it, as well as the 4 fingers that come in contact with the club.  The black padding on the glove is in the same places that my gloves usually wear out first, so I like the feature. 




I was sent an XL glove, which is the size that I normally wear with my usual gloves.  When I tried on the glove for the first time, I thought the glove must have been labeled with the wrong size.  My hand barely fit into the glove and once it was on I couldn't wait to get it off, on account of the tightness.  I wore it around the house for a few days to stretch it out, which it did a little.  When I started hitting balls at the range I could feel the black padding on my palm folding over and making my grip feel awkward.  I tried to move the glove around to see if I could get the padding to stay out of the way, but I couldn't.  Other than that issue, I felt that my grip on the club was pretty good.  I usually enjoy a little more feel in my fingertips than what this glove allowed because of the padding.  I do like where the extra padding was placed, which will allow the glove to last longer than my current gloves.  My favorite quality about this glove is the high quality leather it is made out of.  I switched back and forth from my Footjoy Sci-Flex glove, and prefer the leather of the Cutters.  I also tried to wet the glove to see how my grip would be, and it was pretty close to the same as when dry.


Being that the glove costs 25 dollars, I would expect a little more from this glove.  My regular gloves do not cost this much, so it will be hard to switch to this glove considering the price.  In my opinion, if they were to modify the black padding on the palm so that it doesn't bunch up, it would improve this glove a lot.  Overall, I was not satisfied with the Cutters C-Tack glove.  The package claims that this is "the world's highest performing golf glove."  For this glove to reach that status it would need some help.  I gave the glove a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.  However, if they made a few adjustments to the padding I would rate it higher. 


Pros: Durability, feel

Cons: A little tight

I received this glove free to sample to and review.


The glove was packaged professionally in a flip open case. When I first tried it on, it felt like I had ordered the wrong size, it felt a size off (on the small side) from my normal Footjoy or Titleist gloves.


Luckily for me, I forced it on a couple of times during the week and on the range before my round. This stretched it out enough to where it was a bit snug, but very playable for my round.


I realize that the list price is more than most of us pay for gloves, but the padding on the glove looks like it is more durable than most and may make the glove even more cost efficient. I tend to wear out my gloves in exactly the same spot every time and the Cutter glove has padding in that exact location.



Unfortunately, I tested out the Cutter glove during the coldest round I have played in during the the last 5 years, but by the 10th hole I was brave enough to wet the glove to see if it improved it's advertised *tackiness.* As advertised, I was pleased. 


I was a bit concerned that the padding would take away from my feel during the round, but once again, I was wrong - I had the same feel that I have had with all of my previous gloves.


Overall, I feel that this would be a worthwhile purchase and would gladly buy the gloves if they were ever to make their way into my home course's pro shop. This glove can cater to not only those looking to save a buck or two, but also to those looking for a quality product. In all honesty, I went into this review expecting a negative experience and was pleasantly surprised after playing a round with the Cutter glove.


Pros: Durability

Cons: Feel

I was really excited when I first received my new Cutters C-Tack golf glove.  I've never been terribly picky when it came to golf gloves, and found that most were the same.  I pick a medium priced leather glove that fits, wear it until the thumb or, more commonly, the base of the palm pad wore a hole, and then go buy a new one.  I've not found one that I disliked because of feel.  Some lasted longer than others, but all eventually wore out in one of those two same places.  The Cutters glove seems to address that problem with a patch of their tacky "C-Tack" material on the thumb and palm pad.  Additionally, there are pads further up the palm, towards the pinky, and over the last knuckle and a half of both the middle and ring finger.  It's the same material that they use for their football gloves that wide receivers wear, and it is very tacky.  It also seems extremely durable, so this glove might have a really long life.  Given the $25 retail price, that would be a great thing.








When I first put it on, it became very apparent that these gloves are undersized.  I normally wear a M/L glove, and furthermore, those M/L gloves are pretty stretchy.  This one barely fit on my hand, and as yet, is still not stretched out enough to be comfortable.  This isn't really a huge problem, as I believe, like most gloves, the package is openable in the store so you can check the size before you buy it.  If you were to purchase one of these online, I'd go one size up from your usual though.


The big problem I have with the glove is the thick black pads on the two middle fingers.  When you grip the club, the material bunches up between your finger and the club.  It just doesn't feel quite right, and a comfortable grip is too important to me to compromise.  Had they left these two pads off the glove, or at least stopped them short of that first knuckle, I think they might be really onto something here.  The glove seems really well made and I believe that it could last a really long time, however, because of the feel issues, I won't be comfortable using it on the course.


I am curious, however, to see how these might perform in wet weather.  Being in Southern California, we don't see much rain, but the next time I'm golfing and it starts to come down, I will give this glove another try.  I have a hunch this C-Tack material will hold its own, and given the slickness of a regular glove in the rain, this glove may still serve a purpose.  So, since part of my problem with the comfort of this glove is due to an incorrect size, and the fact that it may prove to be a benefit in the rain, I'm giving it 2.5 stars.  I'm not going to recommend it, but I'm not ready to recommend against it just yet either.


Pros: Well built, excellent leather quality

Cons: Fit and grip

I received a sample of Cutters 019T Tour golf glove featuring their proprietary C-TACK grip material.    The glove retails for $25-30 which is a lot for a golf glove.     Cutters claims it is "the world's highest performing golf glove" and that the combination of "Ultrathin C-TACK Performance Grip Material and Grade Cabretta leather provide optimal grip and feel".    Pretty bold statements.  


The glove comes in nice packaging, and looking closely it appears to be very well made.   The leather is excellent quality, and the seams are well stitched.   From the backside, it looks like many other gloves on the market, featuring some stretchy material across the knuckles to aid flex.    On the palm, however, the Cutters glove looks different with large pads of a tacky black material stitched at the heel pad, lifeline, and on the tips of the middle fingers and thumb.  


To me, usually a glove is just a glove, and the main differences relate to how it fits on your hand.   A high end glove from one manufacturer may not fit my hand as well as a cheap glove from someone else, or vice versa, and that fit is the most important part.    I've found some last longer than others due to the quality of the material, but even the highest quality glove is worthless if it doesn't fit one's hand perfectly. 


Putting on the Cutter glove, I found it runs small compared to other gloves.   I normally take a ML and find that fits perfectly, but with the Cutters I could barely squeeze my hand into the glove.   Flashbacks of the OJ Simpson trial.    I was able to pull it all the way on, but it was a very tight fit.    I also found that some of the stretchy spots didn't really line up with my knuckles, making it feel even tighter when trying to take a grip.  


Taking a normal grip on the club, I was surprised just how much the little tacky pads changed the feel of the club in my hand, and it wasn't in a good way.    They really add quite a bit of bulk between the palm and the club grip, making it feel like I was trying to take a grip with a pair of thick winter gloves.   Swinging away, I found that instead of helping me better grip the club, the tacky pads actually felt disconnected.   I can't figure out why, but at the top of the back swing I'd find the grip loosening significantly instead of staying firm like it does with other gloves.    I switched back and forth a few times between the Cutter and a couple pairs of Titleist, FJ, and Mizuno gloves that I had, and all the other gloves felt consistent and solid compared to the Cutter.  


I didn't have the ability to see how the Cutter played in the wet - the curse of living in San Diego.   But it didn't feel to me that it would be much better than any other normal glove in the wet.   


Overall, I really don't care for it at all.     The price is quite high for a golf glove, and if it truly offered exceptional life and performance that could be worth it, but I can't imagine that the leather used will necessary last longer than any other high quality glove.    And to me the feel was pretty terrible - it actually hindered taking a grip instead of enhancing it.   


If you're tempted to try one, I'd highly suggest not just trying it on for size in the store but to actually take a grip with it and swing the club a few times to see if the feel would work for you.  

Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove

The Cutters C-TACK glove features a combination of C-TACK performance grip material and Cabretta leather for a claimed "optimal grip and feel"

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