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Cutters Glove - "Optimal Grip and Feel"???

A Review On: Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove

Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove

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Pros: Well built, excellent leather quality

Cons: Fit and grip

I received a sample of Cutters 019T Tour golf glove featuring their proprietary C-TACK grip material.    The glove retails for $25-30 which is a lot for a golf glove.     Cutters claims it is "the world's highest performing golf glove" and that the combination of "Ultrathin C-TACK Performance Grip Material and Grade Cabretta leather provide optimal grip and feel".    Pretty bold statements.  


The glove comes in nice packaging, and looking closely it appears to be very well made.   The leather is excellent quality, and the seams are well stitched.   From the backside, it looks like many other gloves on the market, featuring some stretchy material across the knuckles to aid flex.    On the palm, however, the Cutters glove looks different with large pads of a tacky black material stitched at the heel pad, lifeline, and on the tips of the middle fingers and thumb.  


To me, usually a glove is just a glove, and the main differences relate to how it fits on your hand.   A high end glove from one manufacturer may not fit my hand as well as a cheap glove from someone else, or vice versa, and that fit is the most important part.    I've found some last longer than others due to the quality of the material, but even the highest quality glove is worthless if it doesn't fit one's hand perfectly. 


Putting on the Cutter glove, I found it runs small compared to other gloves.   I normally take a ML and find that fits perfectly, but with the Cutters I could barely squeeze my hand into the glove.   Flashbacks of the OJ Simpson trial.    I was able to pull it all the way on, but it was a very tight fit.    I also found that some of the stretchy spots didn't really line up with my knuckles, making it feel even tighter when trying to take a grip.  


Taking a normal grip on the club, I was surprised just how much the little tacky pads changed the feel of the club in my hand, and it wasn't in a good way.    They really add quite a bit of bulk between the palm and the club grip, making it feel like I was trying to take a grip with a pair of thick winter gloves.   Swinging away, I found that instead of helping me better grip the club, the tacky pads actually felt disconnected.   I can't figure out why, but at the top of the back swing I'd find the grip loosening significantly instead of staying firm like it does with other gloves.    I switched back and forth a few times between the Cutter and a couple pairs of Titleist, FJ, and Mizuno gloves that I had, and all the other gloves felt consistent and solid compared to the Cutter.  


I didn't have the ability to see how the Cutter played in the wet - the curse of living in San Diego.   But it didn't feel to me that it would be much better than any other normal glove in the wet.   


Overall, I really don't care for it at all.     The price is quite high for a golf glove, and if it truly offered exceptional life and performance that could be worth it, but I can't imagine that the leather used will necessary last longer than any other high quality glove.    And to me the feel was pretty terrible - it actually hindered taking a grip instead of enhancing it.   


If you're tempted to try one, I'd highly suggest not just trying it on for size in the store but to actually take a grip with it and swing the club a few times to see if the feel would work for you.  


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