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Highest Performing Golf Glove?

A Review On: Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove

Cutters C-TACK Golf Glove

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Pros: Quality Leather

Cons: Fit

When I first received the Cutters 019T C-Tack Tour Golf Glove, I wasn't sure if I was sent a football glove or golf glove.  The glove came in a pouch with a slide zipper to keep the glove fresh.  The glove is made out of high-quality leather, and it has black stretch material on the top of the hand to help the glove stretch to the wearer.  The palm of the hand has black padding on it, as well as the 4 fingers that come in contact with the club.  The black padding on the glove is in the same places that my gloves usually wear out first, so I like the feature. 




I was sent an XL glove, which is the size that I normally wear with my usual gloves.  When I tried on the glove for the first time, I thought the glove must have been labeled with the wrong size.  My hand barely fit into the glove and once it was on I couldn't wait to get it off, on account of the tightness.  I wore it around the house for a few days to stretch it out, which it did a little.  When I started hitting balls at the range I could feel the black padding on my palm folding over and making my grip feel awkward.  I tried to move the glove around to see if I could get the padding to stay out of the way, but I couldn't.  Other than that issue, I felt that my grip on the club was pretty good.  I usually enjoy a little more feel in my fingertips than what this glove allowed because of the padding.  I do like where the extra padding was placed, which will allow the glove to last longer than my current gloves.  My favorite quality about this glove is the high quality leather it is made out of.  I switched back and forth from my Footjoy Sci-Flex glove, and prefer the leather of the Cutters.  I also tried to wet the glove to see how my grip would be, and it was pretty close to the same as when dry.


Being that the glove costs 25 dollars, I would expect a little more from this glove.  My regular gloves do not cost this much, so it will be hard to switch to this glove considering the price.  In my opinion, if they were to modify the black padding on the palm so that it doesn't bunch up, it would improve this glove a lot.  Overall, I was not satisfied with the Cutters C-Tack glove.  The package claims that this is "the world's highest performing golf glove."  For this glove to reach that status it would need some help.  I gave the glove a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.  However, if they made a few adjustments to the padding I would rate it higher. 


Weird ... Your glove is a little different than mine. Yours has one big palm pad, whereas mine had two smaller ones with a little gap in the middle. Also, mine does not have the pad on the pinkie. I've actually been wearing mine at the range lately ... it's a little bunchy but not bad enough that it bothers me when I swing. And it has stretched out a little bit to fit my hand better.
I noticed that everyone's seems to be different than mine. Does yours say C-Tack Tour? I know when they first asked they didn't have XL, and this is an XL. Maybe they found one of a slightly different model? If they were to remove like a cm off the top of the palm pad that would help.
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