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Want Your Own Custom Headcover? Why not...

A Review On: Delilah Headcovers and Accessories

Delilah Headcovers and Accessories

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: You Will Get What You Ordered in a Leather-Like Premium Cover that Will Guard Your Putter, Woods and Say What You Like.

Cons: Can you wait 12 weeks? Time flies.

Verdict: High quality execution of your own headcover design that looks as if it will last for years with a high quality magnetic enclosure in a premium, leather-like cover.


Story: The cover of the Bobby Grace Amazin' Grace Mallet is less than a year old but it already suffers from an overdose of thin poly-vinyl. It is frayed, torn, and looking gaunt.  It was also meant for a center shafted mallet, and the putter is heel shafted. The cover had also not done its job as shown by a couple of scratches at the top of the putter near the face. I like my putters and prefer they look almost new several years into use (all two of them). It's my OCD. While I was at it, I thought the Edel Anser style blade needed a new enclosure that showed no fur at entry and used no velcro.


Time for a change. I found delilah and www.girlygolfer.com (yes ... I know) from a web search and the gallery looked interesting. I recognized names on the head covers from various golf sites ... the guy designing wedges for Titleist, James Patrick, had Delilah work up a full set. It looks as if you can order any color and request anything that's not trademarked. I took ideas from the gallery and then formed my own. Maybe I should have stuck with the gallery. You can see the results below. The "Amazing" was for the Amazing Grace Mallet for obvious reasons. I kept that description for the Anser style Edel as my gamer can produce amazing results when I am in synch (It's the Indian, not the custom fit arrow). If I had to do it again, I'd use less words. Yes, at times I need a reminder to have "fun." What is that again? I personalized it with the signature and a lucky number, and there you have it. Voila!


Covered Up. The black cover is a premium material and very leather-like (but without the leather smell). The enclosure of the cover completely guards the blade and snaps to attention with a strong magnet. The red and white stitching? I could not ask for better. The mallet cover is thickly padded and the magnet is strong (not overly-strong) but there is a natural (and slight) separation of materials where the shaft pops out from the mallet and cover enclosure. It's a disadvantage of a gigantic mallet. With a smaller mallet, it looks as if your putter head would remain fully protected.  As to an Anser Style or Blade Putter, this cover is not puffy, nor is the fur bunched up and pillowed at the opening for the shaft and the entry of the blade. This cover is more streamlined, the lining looks higher quality, and the entry point of the blade closes entirely. The only exposed lining of fur-like material is the point where the shaft pops out from the cover. This cover will not fall from your putter.


Ordering. The online ordering process is easy, the proof being that I had no issues. Take a quick measurement of your putter and submit it. As to design, I wrote my signature, took a picture of it, and described what I wanted. I also asked Delilah to use her best judgment. I sent my online request and $25 deposit, and waited. Twelve weeks later, I received the proof in an email and a request for any changes, the balance and shipping (cost is approximately $60/cover). I thought about reducing the number of phrases in the proof, but said, "What the Hey, I'll go with it." When I pull the putter, I'll look at a word or two, and then the cover hits the ground or remains in the cart. I may remember to keep the eyes quiet and to roll the rock without tension. After I make a putt, I'll pick up the cover and remember to stay in the present. And if the cup is cellophaned, I'll remember to have fun. Right?


Rating: Excellent Cover that was made to my request. I did not mind the wait or price as I believe these covers will look newish for years. I knocked it down for the mallet separation as shown below.


Back to the Covers. I enjoy the quality of the execution, the premium leather-like cover and stitching, and the protection of the magnetic closure. If you need a cover, give Delilah a call. If you've got the patience, she will fix you up right.


Oh, yeah...



The enclosure and protection is flawless.




You can see the natural separation that may cause an issue on a large mallet.



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