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Pretty Amazing

A Review On: Edel Golf Custom-Fit Putter

Edel Golf Custom-Fit Putter

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Pros: It's fitted for you, so... there are a lot of pros

Cons: None really besides the cost. Mine cost $420

There isn't much to say that's negative about these putters besides the cost. The fitting is free, but if you want it with an insert, it costs $420. 


The fitting took me about an hour, but it was worth it. I love mine. I highly doubt I ever buy another putter, but if I did, it would be to get my current putter re-fitted, just in case something changes in my stroke mechanics at some point down the road.


I love the distance and direction control with it. It's almost perfectly molded to my natural stroke. 


No two Edel Putters are the same, so if you are looking for a putter soul mate, Edel Golf is a good place to go.


I'd love to see some pics. They have an extensive offering, so I'm curious to the weight you were fitted to. Also, does your putter have removable weights?
Sorry, you'll have to forgive me here. I didn't realize "variable weight putter" was a different line in the Edel Putter catalog. After doing a bit of reading, it appears Edel offers standard putters, variable weight, and variable loft putters. Mine is standard -- so, no weighting system.
Looks like I'll have to upload the standard putter option to the equipment section soon. I forgot about these other types of putters they had.
I will say this though: my two previous putters (I've only owned three lifetime) were around 330-350 grams (Odyssey, Mizuno Bettenardi). All the weight was in the head. My Edel Putter is about 620 grams (with a 40 of those grams in a weight under the right hand). They removed the aim line on the putter head because I was told that distracted my aim. And they kept tweaking the way the top line looked to me at address so I would always naturally be able to find square. They measured this with a laser reflector so they could track where I was aiming each time. This was essential for me finding the correct shaft lean at address I should be using based on the putter's loft, which they also tweaked around.
The weight test was determined by my distance control, or rather, lack there of. They judged that amount off pretty much just that.
So for me it was a big jump in improvement with putting once I had this in my bag. I would imagine that for another customer the improvement wouldn't be as dramatic for them as it was me if that customer already had a putter that was close to what is ideal for them, as far as weight and aim goes.
The heavier weight felt awkward at first, but apparently, most people benefit from that I was told. Regardless, I was controlling distance a lot better with it, whether it felt weird or not. I decided to go with it and make the purchase in the end.
I've had for the past few months, so I can say that even after the honeymoon wore off with it, it is still a well fitted club, and I still really trust it. I have no interest in a new one at this current time, though I do recall Liam Friedman saying he ditched his just before going on Big Break, so it's not a guarantee every customer will be satisfied (he said he was getting a re-fitting though if you recall). From what I can tell though, generally, most people are very happy with it.
Along with practicing Aim Point, owning an Edel has made practicing putting a lot more fun.
Sounds good. Moving to 620 grams, up from your ~ 350 gram putter is a pretty significant increase. I'm using a Spider from TaylorMade, and it is stock head is 360 grams. Hearing you were fitted for 620 grams, and talking to Erik at the Aimpoint Clinic I attended earlier this summer... Makes me really think I need to get an Edel in the future. I'm guessing that I should be using at least a 500 gram putter - if not more based on my current setup and stroke. I also should probably rock a 33" putter instead of the current 34" I have.
Ballpark 620 grams. I weighed it on the digital scale I use to measure out calories. It might have actually been heavier... like 650. I can't remember exactly.
He suggested cutting mine down to "33 from '"34, but said this was not entirely important based on how I was putting with it, so I just stayed at "34. Sometimes I wish I went with the "33, but most of the time I'm happy I kept it.
I don't think lie angle was messed with, but it might have. The guy was quite the mechanic there and I wasn't 100% paying attention to what he was doing with it because I was usually putting with my old putter while he was doing stuff.
Yea, I'm happy with it. I still don't practice putting nearly enough -- in fact, I neglect that part of practice unfortunately -- but since its fitted, I can get away with that more.
When I do practice with it though, it isn't too long before I feel like I've dialed in something good for the day. And I do get a hot hand with it a lot more often than I did with my old putter. That's probably the best sign that I made a good change. That obviously makes the game more fun haha. I should disclose though that I really felt lost on the putting greens before both AimPoint and before I got this putter. I really just could not dial in distance with it consistently. So I would strongly consider myself a bad putter in those days.
It'd be interesting if you already consider yourself a good putter to hear what you would think of the Edel. I'd like to read more comments on these putters too, but there don't seem to be many of them around here.
Just a clarification: My Edel is about 620-650 grams (can't remember exactly. It's in my trunk right now), but that is total weight. Not head weight. My Bettenardi had 330 grams in the head, but was 498 total grams.
The counter weight is really clutch by the way. I recently changed my setup (standing closer to the ball (about 8-10 inches since its a heel shafted putter) and I added more neck tilt at address)).
I talked to a David Orr understudy and he suggested those small changes.
Stroke wise, I'm using what Geoff Mangum recommends if you follow what he teaches.
The Edel works better for me now. I have fewer bad days. I still need to practice more obviously.
Just felt obligated to update that.
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