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Look no further than Edel for your next set of wedges!

A Review On: Edel Golf Custom Wedges

Edel Golf Custom Wedges

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Pros: Wedges fit to you!

Cons: Pricey but worth every penny!

I was fit for these wedges at Golf Evolution in Erie, PA and they are amazing.  Bounce is definitely your friend and the fitting process is all about finding the right bounce for you as well as the right shaft set up and lie angle.  We spent time trying every option until we were confident that we had the right bounce and lie angle. We then tested shafts until we found the shaft that gave the most consistent ball flight and versatility in shot making.  Through Edel's on-line ordering system we then entered the specs and customized the lettering and paint fills.  I ended up with 47, 52, and 57 degree wedges in the Nippon N.S. Pro WV 125 shaft.  During the waiting period from being fit to receiving the wedges Edel kept me up to date letting me know when production had begun and when they were shipping which I thought was great customer service.  When I got the wedges I was amazed.  The look of these wedges is just beautiful and when I put them in play things only got better.



The performance of these wedges is better than any other wedge I have tried.  I love how they interact with the turf on all types of shots but it is especially noticeable around the green and in the sand.  They might be a higher bounce wedge but the bounce is not terribly long which I believe is what makes this wedge so versatile.  It is hard to believe but you can literally hit soft pitches off the green with these and my 57 is 20+ degrees of bounce.  The amount of spin you get with these is up there with any other top manufacturer from what I have seen.  They perform great on full and partial wedge shots as well.  The high bounce just glides through the turf and offers the forgiveness and precision that is needed with these shots.  I really like the Nippon 125 shaft in these as well.  The 125 shaft is built for ball/trajectory control.   It gives me confidence to flight the ball with varying trajectories depending on the situation, the wind and elevation.  This is just a great set of wedges and the entire experience of the professional fitting and having them in the bag is worth every penny.  I love these wedges!   Check out Edel's website at edelgolf.com and find a fitter near you.





Nice review. I love mine as well.
Appreciate the review. And yes, I luv my Edels as well.
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