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These are hands down the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever owned. This, coming from a previous Nike loyalist!

A Review On: FootJoy Mens Contour Golf Shoes - FJ#54051 (White/Black)

FootJoy Mens Contour Golf Shoes - FJ#54051 (White/Black)

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Pros: Comfort, Stability, Grip, Light-Weight

Cons: Thin Laces

The Foot Joy Contour Series #54051 are the most comfortable pair of golf shoes that I ever purchased. I typically wear a size 13 in street shoes and width is often a problem for me. The 'Medium' in any shoe, especially golf shoes, is typically way too narrow in the instep while 'Wide' is often too wide.


I sat inside of Golf Galaxy trying on literally every single shoe that they had that I was interested in, while staying in the price range of $100-150. The last pair of shoes that I tried on were the FJ Contour 54051, Size 13 (Medium). From the minute I tried on the right shoe, I knew these were soon going to be on the counter at the register.


I just purchased these shoes on Saturday, April 6th, 2013 and I wore them to play 18 holes literally 1 hour later. The shoes were extremely comfortable during my round and at no point did I experience any discomfort or second-thoughts. I generate a lot of torque in my swing with an average SS of 106mph. I am very 'legsy' in my swing in that I really get my knee flex going and shift my weight through the ball.


In the past, I have not been able to find a shoe that actually keeps me in place during my downswing and follow through. The greatest test for these shoes on Saturday came with morning dew on freshly mowed grass. I did not have any slips during my round and I am even more confident that the shoes will hold to the ground like suction cups come June and July in 80°, dry weather.


These shoes also incorporate the fast-twist spikes so that you can keep using your Black Widow Tour spikes if that is what you are accustomed to, like me. 


The shoes are white with black accents that incorporate white stitching. The laces will most likely need to be replaced as they come stock with that very annoying, thin, round lace which is also too short for my liking as well. However, in the grand scheme of things, I paid $121.87 after taxes on the best shoe that I ever wore. What the hell is another $2.00 for laces of my liking? 


One other thing to keep in mind is that these shoes will look great with either long pants or shorts as well, but please do not pair these with short shorts and 'ortho socks.... (looking at you, weathered gentlemen out there!).


If you are having the same problem with your footing that I have battled with for years, I strongly recommend that you give these a try.


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