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Very comfortable stable shoe. Low profile gives great feel on the green for reading putts. Feet feel great after walking a round

A Review On: FootJoy Mens FJ M Project Spiked - Black/Charcoal FJ#55132

FootJoy Mens FJ M Project Spiked - Black/Charcoal FJ#55132

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Pros: Comfortable, low profile, great tracking. replaceable spikes, wider toe box.

Cons: $120. Not the priciest, but still a good amount of money

I bought these shoes because I wanted something with spikes.  I have been using spikeless shoes for the last two seasons.  While very comfortable, the nubs on the bottom do wear out, which causes a loss of traction.  I don't like things that wear out too fast.


My shoes requirements are as follows:


  1. Comfortable for walking 18 holes.
  2. Non-pointy toe box.  My toes are not pointy, so the toe box should not be, right?
  3. Good stable traction for wet grass and uneven footing.
  4. Lower profile for green reading with my feet.  I am an AimPoint user.
  5. Long lasting.
  6. Decent looks without being like a neon sign saying, "Hey, look at my shoes!"


The M Project is described as follows:


M:Project was designed and developed from the ground up. Thinner leather or mesh uppers allow for a thin but strong upper, a thinner midsole gives you tremendous feel and flexibility, and the lowest profile spikes available ensure your feet are completely in tune with the ground.


This description sounded perfect for me.  So I went down to my local Golfsmith and tried on a few.  They have both regular and wide sizes.  I usually wear a Men's size 11 but sometimes have to go 11.5 if the toe box is narrow.  I tried both regular and wide and 11 and 11.5.  Golfsmith even let me hit a few balls with them on.  I settled on the 11 regular width in black leather with spikes. I walked around the store for a while to make sure the toe box was right.  With shoes with a narrow toe box, my toes will be sore at the end of a round.


Performance vs. my requirements.

  1. I worked with these shoes three days is a row.  First a range session on Saturday.  Then 18 hole using a cart, but with a lot of walking (cart path only) on Sunday and my Monday 9 hole league.  I played on back to back to back days in hot, humid weather.  I did not notice my feet at all during the round or the range session.  The shoes were very comfortable and my feet felt great after.
  2. Nice toe box!  It was "just right" as Goldilocks would say.  Not too wide, where your feet are sliding around and not too tight cramping your toes.
  3. Traction was great.  I had a few lies where I was on a side hill in an awkward position on wet grass and they held on well.
  4. Lower profile - first thing I did was go to the practice green with my level.  I would make a read and check the level.  Spot on.  Even with spikes, the heel is low and gives you great feel.  I putt well during the rounds I played.
  5. Long lasting?  This remains to be seen.  But the shoes are FootJoy and look well built.  Spike replacement uses a standard tool and the spikes are available at Golfsmith and other stores that sell FootJoy.
  6. I chose black because white shoes just get dirty when you are a walker. The shoe tops are softer Pittards leather, which I have used with bicycling gloves when I used to race.  This leather does hold up well to wet conditions.  The shoes have a support ribbon, which is noticeable, but understated on the black shoes.  I may pick up a second pair are some point. I do like brown shoes as well, but they do not come in the color.


Overall a really good shoe from FootJoy and worth a try.


See http://www.footjoy.com/mproject  for more details.

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I have a pair and like them as well