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$120 tops gets you 3 solid wedges

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GigaGolf SGS Black

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Pros: Good feel; fairly standard bounce; lots of options for premium shafts and grips within any budget

Cons: Maybe too heavy for some; not big on backspin

Ok, so you decide to revamp your entire bag with great new equipment. Driver? That's about $250 minimum. 2 fairway woods? $300. Iron set - $600. etc. If you are a mid-handicapper who likes to have a $2000 bag of clubs and shoot in the 90s over and over, go get 'em. I applaud you. If you want to cut that figure in half or more and spend the savings on lessons, monthly fees for unlimited range sessions, and play cheapo muni courses until you feel confident playing a $150 green fee like me, perhaps you may want to read on.


Don't get me wrong. Vokey SM4s are great. I've demoed Scor Golf wedges. Great. I've heard Edel wedges are awesome. Here's the problem - they cost around $135 each minimum. If you want TT spinner shafts custom fit, and Winn Dri Tac grips (which I love on my wedges, but no other club), tack on some more. A set of 4 Scor wedges is around $550, if I remember correctly. That's 15 rounds at my favorite muni course in Phoenix. 


Gigagolf, for those who have never heard of them, is a company in Florida who makes OEM clubs that may resemble big-name manufacturers, but are not direct clones. They have a pretty good "E-Fit" tool online that allows you to determine your ideal length/lie and grip size based upon the same measurements taken in a golf retailer. The SGS wedges come in black and satin finish, and are offered in lofts of 52/56/58/60/62 (don't ask me what happened to 54. Maybe they weren't popular enough to continue carrying). I was able to get a 56 and 52, custom fit upright 1 degree and 1/2" extra, with TrueTemper Sensicore shafts and Winn mid-sized Dri Tac grips for $36 each. $72 for some pretty nice upgrades. The 52 has a 6 degree bounce and the 56 a 12 degree. No options on those, but they are pretty standard. The 52/60/62 are listed on their website as a D2 weight, while the 56/58 are D5. 


As for performance, I find the 52 and 56 to be very adequate, if not sensational, for what I use these clubs for. The 56 especially feels heavy - almost like playing a super game-improvement iron after using a good, thin muscle back for a while - but I've grown to like that from my approach shots. It seems to help me really attack the ball on a downward angle. I rarely hit this club thin, which was an occasional problem for me before when I tried to "go after" my SW approaches from like 115 or so. It still happens, but not as often. Is it the club or me? I like to think it's the latter, but the former certainly hasn't hurt. I like to chip with my 52, and I like the feel I get off the face with this club. Both clubs feel very solid and balanced on "full" shots, and I feel very confident hitting either of them from 75+ yards. 


Some cons - I really don't like the 56 out of greenside bunkers. I have almost always used my 60 degree out of bunkers anyway, so this isn't a problem for me, but I have hit Cleveland CG16s out of a bunker fairly well in 56 loft and these are too clunky for me in the sand. Like I said before, the club heads feel very heavy. Even the gap wedge. If you don't like that feeling, these aren't for you. I also don't like that extra weight on pitch shots of about 30-60 yards. They just don't have the superior feel of a really top-quality wedge. Finally, I don't get tons of backspin on these clubs. Even though I'm a long hitter for an amateur who hits my SW about 110 and GW about 125 without getting out of balance, I don't compress the ball quite properly and don't get a ton of backspin. Even so, with the CG16 56 I could draw the ball back a good 6-8 feet on a flat, soft green. With these, I'm lucky to get 2 feet. To me, unless you are a competitive sub-5 handicapper, backspin is overrated anyway, but if you like the prodigious backspin that some of these super-soft wedges with micro-grooves provide, these may not be for you either. The only time I really miss the backspin is on intermediate chips with my SW. My old Dynacrafts that were so worn and nicked I couldn't give them away gave me great "one-two-stop" checking action on aggressive 25 yard chips shots, especially uphill. Now I use my 60 for these. (BTW, my 60 is a Gigagolf product as well - their Pursuit s510 True Forged model, which I prefer to these. It's only $50 upgraded). 


In summary, these are pretty good, if not exceptional, wedges. Again, though, you can get a premium shaft, any spec and grip you want, all for $35. Gigagolf also has a 30-day trial period on any club. If you don't like it and didn't blatantly destroy it, you get a full refund (you still need to pay for return shipping, though). I've always found their customer service to be exceptional, and I've actually purchased every type of club from them except a putter at some point and been generally happy with them. I think there's almost an epidemic among golfers who spend top dollar on equipment and seem to have fantasies that they'll suddenly start hitting shots like Joe Pro from the Golf Channel commercial. My motto is this - when I get a big boy game, I'll treat myself to big boy clubs. For now, I can attack pins with these and challenge 80 every time as long as I stay in practice.


It's tough to find a higher lofted wedge that fits your game from any retailer - giga or otherwise - once you know what you're doing. At some point, custom fit is the less expensive way to go with higher lofted wedges in terms of value and performance.
Still, I will usually go to the OEM pre owned sites or discount sites and get last years older models for a slightly higher price  - at least they will have resale value.
When you say "retailer," do you mean online OEM guys or places like Golfsmith and PGA Superstore etc.? I'm not sure I understand your comment. Why go to an OEM pre-owned site when you can get a custom-fitted new club for $35? How much savings are we talking here? I think you know a lot more than I do and I'd like to see what you mean. Translation - if you know where I can get better clubs for cheaper, I'm in!
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