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Golf Buddy Voice + Perfect for Me

A Review On: Golf Buddy Voice + GPS

Golf Buddy Voice + GPS

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Pros: On your wrist whenever you need distance reading/Don't have to sight with laser instrument or be near cart-mounted device/dynamic green view

Cons: No hazard distances

I got the Golf Buddy Voice + rather than a laser device because I didn't want to be constantly taking a sighting on a flag, even though the laser might be a yard or two more accurate, or having to keep up with a laser device. Having front, center, back distances are all I need. I also don't need hazard distances because I use the GB+ about 99 percent of the time on my home course, and I already know the hazards. I got it also because I wear glasses, have trifocals to read and do computer work but don't use them on the course, and didn't know if I would be able to read the number on a watch-sized screen. Turns out I can, and while you don't have to use the voice feature, having a voice tell me the distances is fun sometimes, sort of like having a caddie. The shot distance feature is easy to use and I've found myself using it more and more, which I think will end up helping me dial in the distances that I hit the various clubs. Many of the more elaborate GPS devices can be used for other fitness activities, which I don't need. I also don't need the other elaborate features to distract me from my main purpose, to play golf. I do like the one-button quick time-telling feature so I don't need to find a watch in my cart or bag when I need to tell the time. The dynamic green view means you get accurate readings to front and back, no matter which direction you approach the green from. So far I've been getting about three rounds per charge, but my rounds are usually less than four hours. If it takes more than that where you play, you might get only two rounds, but that's still better than some of the other devices that I've heard about. I like the price--got mine for $106.99 including shipping by working eBay. Many offered for $145-$149 and free shipping. No fees after purchase was also attractive. I was concerned at first about having something on my wrist that might bother me during a swing. After about three swings, that all went away. The only other golf measuring device I've ever used was the cart-mounted Golf Buddy Pro, so I'm no authority on this whole area, but the Golf Buddy Voice + does seem perfect for me. 


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