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A Good Course Not Worth the Cost

A Review On: Golf Club of Dublin

Golf Club of Dublin

Rated # 12 in Ohio
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Pros: Fairways and greens in good shape; good practice facilities

Cons: Too expensive; Course is very crowded by housing

Golf Club of Dublin is a pretty good course that I would consider a great golf option if it were maybe $10-$15 cheaper. I played here for an outing a while back and got some coupons for a reply due to a scheduling error where our group was unable to finish our outing due to league play starting (we were well on pace for a 3.75 hour round, so it was the course's fault, not our group's).


The course itself was well-maintained, with healthy greens and fairways and sandy bunkers. Water was in play on almost every hole, although the holes themselves weren't that creative.


One major issue is the crowded nature of the course. It runs through a couple of subdivisions, and most of the holes are flanked really tight by housing to the extent that even a small off-target shot lands your ball in someone's backyard. Plus, with the houses so close to the holes, our group felt like we were intruding on the area residents with our round. On one hole, a family was having a birthday party outside and we were close enough while playing our second shots to watch the clown make some balloon animals.


At fifty to sixty bucks, it's not prohibitively expensive for a weekend round, but for that kind of money, there are much better options in the area, particularly if you have privileges to play at OSU. 


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