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Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid


Pros: The product achieves its stated goal with ease.

Cons: None

First, I will write about me to give some perspective.  I am a 31/m with very limited flexibility.  My flexibility issues have hampered my golf game since the beginning so I have been looking for ways to fix the issue.  I was awarded the opportunity to review the Golflexx training aid and I must say I am very impressed. 



Equipment:  A standard shaft that has two golf club like grips on both ends and has a padded cushion in the middle.  Unlike a regular golf club, the Golflexx is great because you can flex it approximately 6" and pre-load it for your stretches.  It also comes in three different flex levels: light, medium, and strong.



Program: Golflexx has laid out a very simple to use program that will help increase your flexibility and mobility. It offers five (5) exercises that you hold for approximately 15-20 seconds. It is easy to use and does not require much time to complete the work out.  The work out itself can be done in the office, at the house, or on the range/golf course.  Basically, by following the program and tailoring it to your needs, you will see an increase in your range of motion and overall body movement.



Value:  The price of this training aid is currently #33.95 which is an inexpensive in the world of golf.  I consider it to be a great value because I have been able to use this product daily, even if I am not playing golf.  Fact of the matter is this program would be a great buy even for those who do not play golf.  Anyone looking to increase their range of motion and flexibility should be interested in this fairly expensive training aid.



Recommendation:  If you are inflexible, have had surgeries/injuries, or are just looking to increase your range of motion, I would suggest looking into this item.  My flexibility and mobility has increased in a short amount of time and considering this to be a good product.  I keep it in my golf bag and use it on a daily basis.  For the price, this training aid is hard to beat in terms of practicality and easiness of use.  It also works out your thumbs, wrists, and forearms which are all beneficial to a solid golf swing.


Pros: Simple, easy and effective

Cons: No obvious

I volunteered to review the Golflexx a few weeks ago.  Within a couple of days I received it in the mail, but was unfortunately out of town and on the road for quite a while after that.  I've FINALLY had a chance to utilize the Golflexx Stretching & Training Aid and will share my opinion now:


First, some background on me-  I'm a middle aged athlete that works in an office in a chair most of the time.  I run 5K's and Half Marathons with some regularity and try to work out with free weights two or three days a week.  I very much need to stretch and have a routine that I've used for some time.  When I saw this product it certainly intrigued me, as a routine always gets boring.  Anything that helps break up the routine is welcome to me!


Instructions:  Watch the DVD and follow along  Couldn't be any more simplistic. 


Results:  In terms of stretching one out for a golf swing I'd give the product an easy 'A'.  Very effective at targeting the muscles one uses from the waist up in a golf swing.  Back, shoulders, core and forearms certainly respond positively to the exercises.  After a week I was very pleased with how I felt when done stretching per the routine provided on the DVD.


From the waist down it did very little to stretch me out.  To be fair, it IS called the Golflexx, NOT the Runflexx :)


Am I glad I have it?  Yes.  Will I continue to use it?  Yes.  Will it help me stretch out?  Yes.  Will it make me a better golfer?  It'll surely make me a more flexible golfer!  And I think that is a valuable part of our swing-


Pros: Quick, Easy, May Build Strong Fingers, Wrists, Forearms

Summary: Easy to Use and Quick - a Flexxing, Mini-Workout with the Pre-Loading Feature. Would enjoy a Download of a Full Workout so a timer is not needed. Overall, a Great Value.


Appearance: A black shaft with grips on either side and a soft, vinyl covered dense, foam-like material in the middle.


Workout: I performed the workout with arms only, with a golf club, and with the Golfflex - and the Golfflex stretch was clearly superior in terms of working various muscle groups and feeling the stretch. In 5 minutes, you have a quick flexxing workout.


What it Does - the preloading works the thumbs, fingers, wrist, forearms, and biceps to an extent in addition to helping you generate more flexibility. Because of the preloading, the flexing of the shaft - you are obtaining a general pre-workout with your flexx. I might even grow wrists and forearms.


Exercises: The DVD offers 5 exercises to hold for 20-30 seconds. You can add more as you wish - I typically will bend from the waist with a straight back while preloading the Golfflex; I will also stretch my legs while using the Golfflex. The only addition to the system I suggest is a workout DVD in realtime so I don't have to glance at my watch; or instead of a DVD, allow owners to download a workout to their computer.


Results: I am installing a center pivot swing and had ... a tough time with the right side tilt on the downswing - it was uncomfortable and affecting my swing. After several sessions, about 4-5X per week, for 2.5 weeks, the Golfflex has improved my right side tilt.


Verdict: Great value. Golfflex works and I use it frequently.




Pros: It does what it clams for a great price.







First you need to know a little about me I am 59 in moderate shape, 217 pounds. My flexibility is very bad I have a six vertebra fusion and a slap tear in both shoulders. The left has been repaired the right has not.

I was very glad to get a chance to see if this tool would help me.  After visiting the web site and then un packing the golflexx I had my doubts it looks to simple, just a long golf shaft with a handle on both ends and one in the middle. The drills shown on the DVD were very simple stretches that all of us have done at one time or another with a golf club or a towel.  So being the skeptic that I am I decided to try each stretch first with a driver and then with the golf flex to see if I could notice a difference.  Doing each exercise with a club gave very little stretch more of a light warm up feeling. The first thing I noticed after switching to the golf flex was that pre-flexing the shaft put a deal of strain on my thumbs. Then while doing the drills with it the difference from a golf club, was night and day I felt a stretch in small core muscles as well as they major muscles groups of the shoulders and abs. One noticeable area was in the upper ribs. I suspect that each user will feel it in whatever area is under worked in their own body.

After using it for a week I feel that it helps overall flexibility and leads to a easier and possible faster hip turn.





The Golflex comes in three stiffness levels I tested the medium at first I was wondering if maybe I needed the light flex. Due to the pressure on my thumbs but after a week they seem to have gotten use to it. With my rotator cuff injury and one repair I was worried about putting to much strain on the shoulders. My physical therapist looked at the first work out I did and told me to take it very slow and easy, stop if you feel any pain but you need to keep working the small muscles in the area to stabilize the joint  especially in the one that has not been repaired.  I have had no problems using the golf flex but am being very careful with the drill that has you reaching behind your head and grasping the shaft. I fell this as soon as I get in position so that is a far as I go.  Here is a picture of that drill.






I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars and think it can be helpful for golfers of all levels.

Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid

The revolutionary Golf stretching and fitness training aid, GOLFLEXX will help you attain a smoother, more fluid golf swing by increasing your overall flexibility. You will find yourself driving the golf ball further, more accurately, with less effort. The range of motion necessary in golf requires essential stretching routines. By using GOLFLEXX your body will perform better naturally, allowing you to enjoy the game of golf.

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