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A Review On: Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid

Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid

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Pros: It does what it clams for a great price.







First you need to know a little about me I am 59 in moderate shape, 217 pounds. My flexibility is very bad I have a six vertebra fusion and a slap tear in both shoulders. The left has been repaired the right has not.

I was very glad to get a chance to see if this tool would help me.  After visiting the web site and then un packing the golflexx I had my doubts it looks to simple, just a long golf shaft with a handle on both ends and one in the middle. The drills shown on the DVD were very simple stretches that all of us have done at one time or another with a golf club or a towel.  So being the skeptic that I am I decided to try each stretch first with a driver and then with the golf flex to see if I could notice a difference.  Doing each exercise with a club gave very little stretch more of a light warm up feeling. The first thing I noticed after switching to the golf flex was that pre-flexing the shaft put a deal of strain on my thumbs. Then while doing the drills with it the difference from a golf club, was night and day I felt a stretch in small core muscles as well as they major muscles groups of the shoulders and abs. One noticeable area was in the upper ribs. I suspect that each user will feel it in whatever area is under worked in their own body.

After using it for a week I feel that it helps overall flexibility and leads to a easier and possible faster hip turn.





The Golflex comes in three stiffness levels I tested the medium at first I was wondering if maybe I needed the light flex. Due to the pressure on my thumbs but after a week they seem to have gotten use to it. With my rotator cuff injury and one repair I was worried about putting to much strain on the shoulders. My physical therapist looked at the first work out I did and told me to take it very slow and easy, stop if you feel any pain but you need to keep working the small muscles in the area to stabilize the joint  especially in the one that has not been repaired.  I have had no problems using the golf flex but am being very careful with the drill that has you reaching behind your head and grasping the shaft. I fell this as soon as I get in position so that is a far as I go.  Here is a picture of that drill.






I would give this product 5 out of 5 stars and think it can be helpful for golfers of all levels.

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Concur. It's a good gift for a golfer. Something that he will keep ... and keep using.
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