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Golfexx is a great training aid that can help your flexibility and strength.

A Review On: Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid

Golflexx Stretching & Fitness Aid

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Ease of Use
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Pros: The product achieves its stated goal with ease.

Cons: None

First, I will write about me to give some perspective.  I am a 31/m with very limited flexibility.  My flexibility issues have hampered my golf game since the beginning so I have been looking for ways to fix the issue.  I was awarded the opportunity to review the Golflexx training aid and I must say I am very impressed. 



Equipment:  A standard shaft that has two golf club like grips on both ends and has a padded cushion in the middle.  Unlike a regular golf club, the Golflexx is great because you can flex it approximately 6" and pre-load it for your stretches.  It also comes in three different flex levels: light, medium, and strong.



Program: Golflexx has laid out a very simple to use program that will help increase your flexibility and mobility. It offers five (5) exercises that you hold for approximately 15-20 seconds. It is easy to use and does not require much time to complete the work out.  The work out itself can be done in the office, at the house, or on the range/golf course.  Basically, by following the program and tailoring it to your needs, you will see an increase in your range of motion and overall body movement.



Value:  The price of this training aid is currently #33.95 which is an inexpensive in the world of golf.  I consider it to be a great value because I have been able to use this product daily, even if I am not playing golf.  Fact of the matter is this program would be a great buy even for those who do not play golf.  Anyone looking to increase their range of motion and flexibility should be interested in this fairly expensive training aid.



Recommendation:  If you are inflexible, have had surgeries/injuries, or are just looking to increase your range of motion, I would suggest looking into this item.  My flexibility and mobility has increased in a short amount of time and considering this to be a good product.  I keep it in my golf bag and use it on a daily basis.  For the price, this training aid is hard to beat in terms of practicality and easiness of use.  It also works out your thumbs, wrists, and forearms which are all beneficial to a solid golf swing.

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This is one training tool that I use almost every day - it doesn't take much time and I can do it while watching television.
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