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GolfLogix Smartphone GPS Software


Pros: Great Stats, Good Accuracy, Ease of use

Cons: Updated and software not right

I have used for the last couple years and overall like the program and ease of use.  However I had a blackberry, when the blackberry software updated they did not support it and it would not work.  Got a Droid great features worked well, Golfogix update the software and now trying to select tees the program crashes.  You are able to use the program and not select tees, ok as the desk top software allowed you to do that.  Wait they updated the site and now none of my rounds are there, sure it is temporary.  Just wish they would wait to get the software correct before brining it out.


Pros: Overviews on SOME courses, pin-point abilities, stats tracker.


I used it over the summer before getting my hand on a Garmin G5 approach. I like everything about it except I never could keep my phone from dying during the round. Even on a fresh off the plug charge, I could get 13 holes in at the most. I even tried to disable communications, wi-fi, bluetooth, sync, etc, still didn't make a round unless I flew around by myself for 18 in 2 hours or less. I had it on a Droid that was brand new, so the battery was not old and useless. Download and try for free before you purchase!


Pros: quick, convenient, accurate

Cons: eats the battery

The GPS software works smoothly on my Curve 8900.  It follows me from hole to hole, lets me know when I'm about to hit a sand trap, and tells me how far I can dream about being able to shoot to hit the green.  I've had a few problems running it, but when I call them up, they answer right away (in English.  No thick accents!) and have fixed the issue every time.  (Phone settings.  I need to stop letting my son play with my phone. )  That kind of service is worth the money.


Minuses, it can be hard to see in full sunlight, but that's the nature of the beast on a phone screen.  And a full charge of my battery is basically a round of golf, but I have a charger in my car now, so all is well.


Looking forward to hearing how people like it on the android phones, since I'm thinking about switching.

GolfLogix Smartphone GPS Software

GPS software from GolfLogix for a variety of smartphones.

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