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Great Conditions...but.

A Review On: Hamlet Willow Creek Golf & Country Club

Hamlet Willow Creek Golf & Country Club

Rated # 3 in New York
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Pros: Friendly staff, good conditions

Cons: Pace of Play

Had the opportunity to play this past Sunday after receiving a gift certificate. We had played there 2 yrs ago and enjoyed it a lot. Beautiful day and we were looking forward to a nice relaxing day with friends. Unfortunately, that lasted all of 2 holes. From the 3rd hole on every shot was a longer wait than the previous one. Somewhere out in front, as it turned out, was twosome who should have been escorted off. At the turn they must have FINALLY let the group ahead of us play through. Except this is where we realized WHY they should have been escorted off. 5 or 6 attempts to make contact, a dribble, re-tee and into the lake. We passed them on the par three, only to be greeted with a wait for the next hole. So the twosome may have contributed to everyone's misery, they weren't the ONLY problem. We had enough after playing the 14th after that twosome said 'we're going to skip ahead" Wait? what? where are you going to go? A group already teeing off on 15, a group waiting for them and you're going to skip ahead? So after 4+ hours to play 13 holes (remember we skipped 11), that was it. We voiced our complaint at the Clubhouse over the fact that we saw ONE ranger... on the third hole heading back towards the clubhouse. That was it. He clearly should have seen those two and either; told them to play faster, or, tell them to let EVERYONE through that caught them, or escort them back to the clubhouse for a refund. Now, we weren't exactly up to tour standards out there and had a few bad holes, but a bad golfer doesn't have to be a slow golfer and yes, everyone has to learn sometime. But not on a busy Sunday and playing from the second longest tee box. The staff was apologetic and appeared genuinely concerned and offered a nominal rain-check but we respectfully declined since it was unlikely that we would return until we heard that pace conditions improve.
The other issue holding up play was the automated sprinklers. Really? on a busy Sunday? Almost every hole we had to dodge the sprinkler, wait for it to cycle around, take the shot and try and avoid it coming around the other way. At least two holes we had to park the carts in awkward positions to avoid the accepted areas off the green because they would have been inundated by 3 separate sprinklers.
The course itself was fine, great conditions and a tricky little layout with some genuine challenges. We would enjoy going back if and/or when we hear that things like that are corrected or improved significantly.


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