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Great wedges and competitive price built to your specifications

A Review On: Hopkins Golf Wedges

Hopkins Golf Wedges

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Pros: Fully custom wedges, great feel, look great

Cons: Rust

Ordering Hopkins wedges is part of the fun since everything is customizable.  The lofts, grinds, shafts, grips, ferrule and paint fill colors can all be customized to your exact specifications.  They even provide a grind suggestion option based on your geographic area to assist you if you're not sure which grinds would be best.  They have a wide selection of shafts and flexes with reasonable upgrade costs if the standard shafts aren't to your liking.


I ordered two Hopkins wedges I ordered a 56* and 60* with following specs;


Grind:  Heel/Toe -recommended by Hopkins website given the region (6) I live in.

Shaft:  HG OTM Black Onyx Wedge Flex Steel

Grip:   Lamkin REL 3GEB

Lie:    STD

Loft: 2* Weak

There are options for custom ferrule colors and paint fill on wedges but I went with standard.  I thought about an orange ferrule to match the grips but wasn't sure if that would be too distracting.


The wedges took about 8 days to arrive and just the packaging made a great first impression.  The two wedges came in a thick cylinder tube that was packed with heavy foam.  The heads were covered in plastic and sat snugly in cutouts within the thick foam base.  The grips also wrapped in plastic and sat snugly in the same heavy foam that had cut outs for the grips.



The wedges themselves were equally impressive to look at



The first day I took them to the range I hit them great, the heads felt a bit heavier than the MP-T4's I was using which I actually liked.  Off the mats they were very consistent and was able to chip and pitch with them with ease.  They were a bit rough on the covers of the range balls and shag bag balls I tested with but assume that's due to them being new.


I know mats aren't a great test for wedges so I was looking forward to trying them out on the course.  The day on the course was a cloudy / misty day so the ground and sand were a bit wet but the wedges played well.  The first shot with them was a 60 yard full swing with the 60* wedge.  I choked down a bit on the grip and landed within 5' of the flag.  The 2nd shot was out of a greenside bunker.  In fairness to Hopkins, I'm a high capper and not a great player out of the sand but the 56* wedge performed great, I hit it perfect (for me), and got the ball to release leaving me about 8' from the flag which is pretty good for me.


I hit a few pitch shots throughout the day and with the exception of one that I shanked the wedges performed better than the MP-T4's I usually use.




Only negative is that they must have not been fully wiped down after we got back from the round or they sat out a bit in the rain and this week when I went to the range I noticed they had started to rust.   I know some of your hardcore guys like a wedge that rusts but having come from the MP-T4's I was a bit disappointed that my shiny new wedges didn't look so new anymore after only one round.


I sprayed some WD-40 on them and that got rid of the rust but there was still some pitting where the rust had started to form.  I'm looking forward to using them again to see if they perform as well when the ground isn't as soft.

1 Comment:

I like how the wedges have played but the rust is a major problem for me.  This weekend, it rained during our round and before I the round was over, the wedges were covered in rust.  I guess for some, the rust is a badge of honor but I prefer my clubs look nice and not rusty.
It seems odd to me that the company provides so many options to customize the look of their wedges in terms of hosel and fill colors but doesn't put a finish on it that prevents rusting.
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