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IJP Clothing Review

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Pros: Lightweight, contemporary, modern, functional, athletic

Cons: Price

From the IJP Design team came an offer that I could not refuse, to review the latest sampling from the Ian Poulter line (IJP). After furnishing my sizes for the review, the merchandise showed up two days later. Even though the shipping point was only 20 miles away, I have heard that this is the customer service that you can expect. I opened the package and found expertly wrapped in plastic, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, and a shirt. 


Shirt: The shirt features a zippered placket that was very noticeable at the recent US Open. The poly shirt is cut for that slim look and features a slightly tighter look and shorter sleeves. Not being used to this style, I was worried about the fit. Being an everyday Large, this shirt fit perfectly. Lightweight and breathable, it moves with your body allowing you to swing your club with ease. This was a winner and garnered many compliments from my wife and friends. 


Pants: The first thing that you notice when you put on the pants is that they do not feel like pants at all, but more like a fabric track type pant. These are not your father's Dockers, they are a synthetic athletic material that you don't want to take off. The waist has a clever snap system that allows for adjustment, but again, these fit like a glove. Cut in the youthful "skinny" style these pants fit close to the body, but are extremely light and flexible. They feature a seam that runs up and down both legs for a little extra flair. Even though this style is not in my wheelhouse, I couldn't get over the quality. They feel that good. 


Shorts: The shorts are a traditional cut, with a flat front and European v notches for a little style. The material is an extremely light cotton/poly/elastane blend which gives a soft and flexible feel. Again, these shorts were functional, and did extremely well in the South Florida heat. 


Overall: I thought the IJP team did a nice job sending a complete outfit. The pants and shirt complimented each other well. When you put the outfit on it screams "tee it up" and has a very modern look. The shorts, though more conventional in style, were equally as impressive. All items did well in the wash with the pants and shirt only needing about 5 minutes in the dryer and then onto hangers. No ironing needed. The shorts were laid flat and with the cotton blend did fine for a more casual look. A warm iron quickly touched them up and they were ready to go. The one thing that really stands out about each garment is the quality. It is something that is hard to put into words, but you know it when you feel it. In this case, feel is real as these garments feel as good as they look. The only drawback may be the price, the shorts came with the suggested retail in the mid sixty dollar range and I imagine the pants and shirt were also in that country club pro shop range. This is somewhat expected with this kind of clothing as it is big on quality, design, and style. 



TS, have you modeled before? You look like a natural!! Where's the runway?
Nothing says catwalk like TourSpoon giving the Blue Steel
Let's not go the way of Right Said Fred!

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