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New Ragland Golf Polo - nice fit, cool features, cool feeling

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IJP Clothing Review

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Pros: Fit is perfect, cool in hot weather, button down collar nice feature on shirt, no wrinkle after washing

Cons: expensive

I jumped at the chance to try out some new clothing for hot weather.  The New Raglan Golf Polo from Ian Poulter Design is billed as, "A lightweight, quick dry polo shirt with a smart button down collar and a comfortable sleeve design tailored for golfers".  It definitely lives up to that reputation.  I wore it for an 18 hole round in 90F, humid conditions.  The shirt can be seen below with the New Tech Shorts.





Fit - As an old & busted 53 year old male, I was hoping for a loose, but not too loose fit.  The shirt fit comfortably around my shoulders and waist without restriction.  It moved well during my golf swing and never bunched up or needed to be adjusted.  As the day progressed, and I sweat more (which I excel at!), the shirt never became clammy or heavy feeling.  It remained light and dried quickly.  


Features - The button down collar is a nice addition (see below).  Often with lightweight material, the collar can bunch up or twist making you look on the other side of dorky or like you slept in your clothes.  The buttons hold the collar in place well, even after washing.





Care - The picture above is after a washing.  As can be seen, there is no excessive wrinkles and there was no change in fit.  Nothing bugs me more than clothes that fit and feel great new, but turn to junk after washing.  


Overall - I liked the shirt a lot and will continue to wear it even in hot weather.  At $75, the price is a bit steep, but for high tech feel and cool features it performs well.  See link below for more details.




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