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Hi-Tech Ultra Cool Look, High Fashion, Breathable, High Quality Line

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IJP Clothing Review

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Mr. Desmond
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Pros: Liteweight, Breathable Polo with Smart Fashioned Collar, Breathable, High Quality Fabric Pant with Adjustable Waist and Intricate Detail

Cons: None as to the apparel. If Within Your Budget, Go for It.

Adorned with a handsome SandTrap.com cap, it's no doubt the IJP polo and pants combo made this wannabe golfer the talk of the course.


Shouts of "nice pants, "I like those pants" and "you look like a pro" echoed across the putting green, the range, short game area, and finally, the course. If looks were everything, I'd win the FedEx Cup in IJP. There was no doubt I was the most admired golfer in the world - for my IJP clothing, not my game. But that's another story.


Let's get to the IJP Lineback Polo. It is black with royal accents and royal/grey shoulder and sleeve accents. The medium sizing fits better across the chest than other "athletic fit" mediums. It has slightly more room and is not clingy. The black material is thickly woven yet still mesh-like (I could see light through the material), giving it a surprising breathability and wearability in 90+ temps. The shirt wicks away moisture quickly. One of the better features is the short collar - it is not floppy, but remains tight with the shirt. It is a very comfortable polo.


The pants, well, the pics say everything. They are one of the best fitting pants I've worn on or off the course. The material feels substantial, gives/stretches easily at the touch, yet is breathable. It is more comfortable than another top name brand I recently purchased, and the quality of the IJP Line is unsurpassed. The pictures below show the intricate detail and tailoring. Along with the adjustable waist, you will find two coin pockets. No problem fitting your digits in these pockets to dig out a ball marker. They stretch as you search.


On the range or course, they are eminently playable. They stretch with you. I did not even notice the IJP clothing while playing, which is the ultimate compliment to any clothing. I did get hoots and hollers from the 18-30 year old set, and the admiring glances of the "young enough to be my daughter" cart girls. Okay, maybe it takes some guts to wear IJP pants at 50-something. But what the heck, you only live once. I say, live them in IJP.


"I don't always wear IJP, but when I do, I get noticed."


I want to thank Ian Poulter and IJP Designs for this well-designed, ultra-cool apparel.



Mr. Squint above shows off the front detailing of the pants as well as the color combo of polo and pants. The crease/pleat in front stands up and is sewn similar to a tuxedo pant.The fabric of the pant is polyester but breathes and expands easily to the touch. Mr. Squint's tailor was impressed by its quality - "Ooh, very nice fabric."




The above photo shows the  back pocket and front adjustable waist. Lots of detailing here. Note the metal buttons and velcro. The adjustment is well executed. You don't know the adjustment is there with or without a belt.



Along the front pants pocket, you can see the coin pocket. It expands to your touch, so getting fingers into the coin pocket for a marker or coins, is easy. Both front pockets have coin pockets. Note the styling and thread detail.



This view of the pant front shows the details of the IJP Logo and Belt Loops. The pant button is a metal snap.



I enjoy the polo - the fabric is polyester but it is a tightly woven mesh, so even on a 90 degree day, the black polo is comfortable. Notice the collar - it is tight, not long and flappy like most polos. The look is very "smart." The colors of the shoulder mesh with the collar and pants. The grey band of color meshes well with the pants and shirt.



Polo and Pant side by side - an outstanding combo. The IJP clothing is flawless.


Great review. Mr Squint up there is looking stylish without looking gaudy. I'll have to look into some of those pants. Not a big fan of the shirt as it doesn't stand out as better than my Snake Eyes or FJs. Love the coin pocket in the pants. Nothing worse than reaching to mark your ball and you end up with a handfull of tees or a glove when trying to dig for your mark.
And you are 'on contract' with IJP?
Each time I arrive here, I say "Gosh, Mr. Squint needs a better picture." Maybe an ex-wife will snap one. I have so many I can call.
To answer your question, the one above that dripped with sarcasm, No, I am not on contract with IJP. I'm fairly critical, just ask the former Mrs. Squints, and when I do run across a line of products that is superb, it surprises me so much that I gush with enthusiasm, but maintain my objectivity. Didn't you see the detail in the pics? This Poulter guy knows his kit. Mr. Squint says buy, buy, buy when you find the combo you like.
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