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IOMIC Putter Grips

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IOMIC Putter Grips

IOMIC Putter Grips... Complete Confidence On The Course! IOMIC grips give superior adhesion by utilizing IOMAX, a combination of materials including elastomers, to provide the total package. IOMIC putter grips provide unparalleled response resulting in excellent confidence for your game. Additionally, the IOMIC grips are negative-ion charged, which promotes blood circulation. IOMIC Putter Grips features: Super soft touch and feel for maximum responsiveness Extreme waterproof capability allows you to simply wipe wet grip to regenerate dryness Resistant to UV rays which maintains durability and prevents damage and cracking Models: Absolute Grip weight is 65g +/- 2 grams Midsize grip Colors: Black Lemon Yellow Mint Green Red White Opus 1 Grip weight is 65g +/- 2 grams Dual-color design adds flair to your club Midsize grip Colors: Blue/White Mint Green/White Red/White Regular Grip weight is 55g +/- 2 grams Standard size grip Colors: Blue Red White The Ultimate Grip For A Confident Game ... IOMIC!

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