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IOMIC Sticky Grips

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IOMIC Sticky Grips

The IOMIC Sticky grips are the most popular IOMIC model on the market. From PGA professionals to weekend warriors, this versatile grip not only gives you the best grip in any weather condition, it also comes in 3 sizes and a wide spectrum of colors.Made with Iomic’s proprietary IOMAX Elastomer compound, the sticky grips are UV resistant, water resistant, extremely low torque and also friction resistant. These grips last almost twice as long as normal rubber grips and are more than twice as soft and grippy.They’ve been tested on tour. They’ve been tested in laboratories. They’ve even been tested with swing robots. All the results are the same – The IOMIC Sticky grips are the best grips available on the market today. Don’t accept imitations. Try the Iomic Sticky Grip on your clubs today. Since its launch, the "IOMIC" grips have attracted the attention of many professional golfers. Based on the ergonomic design, its super soft touch and feel ensures maximum feedback to players. The unique compound creates extreme water-proof capability and guarantees a more stable round in high humidity. We have pursued every possibility to make your round of golf comfortable and stable. The Iomic Putter grip is made with negative ions to prevent the grip from soaking water up. These grips are perfect for the golfer looking for a good grip that will provide responsive and delicate feel around the greens. They have a variety of colors and we guarantee they will last you longer than any other grip you've ever used. Cleaning them is even easier. Because of the material they are made out of, you can just get a warm wet rag and wipe them down a few times. The colors we have listed are the only colors currently available from Iomic.

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