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Great golf specific fitness workout

A Review On: Joey D Golf - Golf Body 1

Joey D Golf - Golf Body 1

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Pros: Golf specific, can be done anywhere, improves flexiiblity and strength.

Cons: A bit pricey. Need fitness balls for some of the workout components.

I am always looking for workouts that improve my fitness.  After years of bike racing and a couple of surgeries, my body had lost flexibility in some areas including upper body rotation, shoulder rotation and hips.  I've been doing stretching and therapy exercises, but that wasn't improving my flexibility all the way. My limiters were how far I could rotate my shoulders on the back swing and the follow through. I also would stiffen up a lot during a round in my lower back and SI joint.  This really shortens your swing.  


I bought Joey D's book, Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing and reviewed it here.   Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing: The Revolutionary Biomechanics Workout Program Used by Tour Pros . But the book does have some limitation.  It does not show you in real motion how to do the exercises.  I already had the resistance bands and had the fitness balls at my gym, so I bought the DVD.


From the website:


This complete golf fitness system will help tune up your Golf Body, repeat great golf-specific movement patterns, and play better - GUARANTEED. Direct from a Tour-Proven Expert!

Whether you've been playing for years or just starting out, Coach Joey D's best selling system will help add golf-specific mobility, flexibility, motion strength, club head speed, and distance! You'll start to see and feel results in just a few weeks, but the 'Aha' moments will last a lifetime.
Learn tour-proven methods at your own pace from a Pro's pro. Before you spend one more dollar on equipment, training aids or gadgets, invest in your Golf Body and see the amazing difference it can make in your game!
This complete program comes with:
1) The Golf Body 1 DVD (full 60-day Discovery and Development Program)
2) Bilateral Upper Body Resistance Bands
3) Mono-loop Lower Body Resistance Band
4) 65cm Fitness Ball (pump included)
5) Small Sport Ball (pump included)
The workouts are broken down into two phases, Discovery and Development.  This is similar to the book.  The first phase shows you were you are limited and prepares you for the second phase.  The second phase develops the strength and flexibility.  What the program does is improve strength in your core, legs and shoulders while increasing flexibility in your lower and upper body.  Joey D is a Physical Therapist and the exercises are similar to the therapy exercises I have done after knee and shoulder surgery.
If you do the program as directed, you get quite a workout.  I move through each exercise without pausing and work up quite a sweat.  The workout takes about 20-25 minutes including the dynamic warm-up.  I combine it with some other therapy exercises and weight workout for a total 45 - 50 minute workout.
I have been doing it for three months.  The first month is the development phase.  You work with the ball to primarily improve hip rotation and leg and lower back strength.  The resistance band works on shoulder rotation, rotator cuff, core and upper body separation from the lower body.  The Development phase builds on these exercises by making them a bit harder.  I have seen increase strength in my quads and core and increased flexibility in the upper and lower body.
The real test came when I went to Florida for a 4 day, 5 round golfing vacation.  I was stiff after the first round.  But each day I felt better and better.  The day we did 36, I felt surprisingly good.  By day four, I felt really good with no lower body tightness.  I am only two months into the Development phase and really feeling the difference.  I will keep it up the whole season and will most likely make it a permanent part of my workout routine.
The video on the page below shows some of the workout detail.


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