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A Great Driver/Fairway Wood Alternative.

A Review On: KickX Blast Driveway

KickX Blast Driveway

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Pros: Extremely reliable, accurate, easy to align, easy to hit, innovative, versatile and long!

Cons: Hitting out of thick rough is a bit tough and the sound.

I recently purchased the KickX Blast Driveway.  I have been in a bit of a domestic dispute with my three wood and I thought it was the right time to divorce it and give the Driveway a shot.   Let me say that this club is the real deal!  It is so easy to hit, even out of the fairway.   It is the perfect club for reaching long par fives in two and getting off the tee when you need to thread the needle or place a shot.



Club Specs:

This club is a 12.5 degree lofted wood.  It is essentially a hybrid between a driver and a three wood.  The head is a 280cc design.  With the 75g shaft and the D4 Swing weight this club feels incredibly stable in the swing.  This was the first thing that caught my attention when swinging it.  It is balanced perfectly, and seems virtually impossible to hit a bad shot with it.  The 75g Grafalloy Tour Speed Stiff shaft is a mid-high launch shaft and it works well with getting the ball into the air from the fairway or tight lie situations.  The club also has a dual cavity compression chamber design with one on the top and one on the bottom giving a trampoline like effect when hitting the ball.  The length of the club is about an inch shorter than my driver and maybe and inch and a half or so shorter than some of the longer driver types they have been making out there recently. 




The look of the KickX Blast Driveway for me is great.  I like the non-traditional look that the club has.   It comes in either white or black which is very nice.  I have always liked black with woods so I went with black myself.  The boxing glove head cover is great.  I think it prepares those you play with for what you are about to pull out from behind the mask! 


The grip is nice, not overly special or anything.  It suits the club well and I will keep it on for now.  


What I like most about the club is at address there is a line just behind the face of the club where the top compression chamber starts.   To me it is an added visual that I feel aids in the addressing the ball with the club pointed in the right direction.  Roll has never bothered me,  but have never liked looking at the bulge in a wood and this line helps takes my eye off of it.  The bulge to my eye on the face of this club is very subtle anyway.  The Driveway is just very easy to align and gives you a ton of confidence knowing that you are set and ready to pull the trigger.   




This club is literally like having a driver that you can hit out of the fairway.  The lower profile and the low CG design allows you to lift the ball effortlessly into the air.  As I mentioned it is amazingly stable in the swing.  I love the slightly heavier D4 swing weight.  It is a great feeling knowing that I have a club that can now help me reach par fives in two that I could not before.  The Blast Driveway has a very large sweet spot and is very forgiving on toe and heel hits.  Even if you hit it out of the bottom of the club the ball will still get up enough and go, I believe this is because of the lower CG and the trampoline effect it has as well.  Off the tee this club is difficult to hit poorly.  It is by far the easiest wood I have ever hit off of a tee.  Easier than any three wood or five wood I have ever hit and oh yeah, it is almost as long as my driver.  I would say it is within’ about 15-20 yards of the distance I get with the driver and much longer than my 3 wood.   I will be using this club a lot off the tee even on par tight par fives and when I need to place a shot precisely.  


Because the club is a little larger than a regular fairway wood and the face is a bit taller it can be a little tough to get it through thicker rough.  It is not a huge problem for me because I plan on playing it with a smaller faced 4w for long shots out of the rough.   


The sound of the club is loud.  Some may not like it, but I don’t care as long as the club does what I need it to do.  You will not even pay attention to the sound when you see the ball soaring down the middle of the fairway.   I have gotten used to it and it does not bother me.  


I used this club this morning off of four tees in nine holes and I just know I can count on it every time.  I used it on a par 5 off the tee where the fairway was lined by trees.   The hole raises my blood pressure every time I play it.  I split the middle of the fairway today with it.   The first test run I took with the club I played nine holes and left my driver at home.  I hit 7 out of seven fairways with it that day.   It has not left my bag since then and won't be leaving it until I wear it out and have to buy a new one.




This club is just a great addition to my bag.  It gives me so much more versatility and reliability than I had with my three wood.  I would highly recommend this club for many golfers.  Golfers that are not able to hit driver and are looking for an alternative, this may be great for you.  For those who want a little extra distance out of the fairway it is perfect.  For someone who also wants a club they can count on off the tee when the pressure is on, it is perfect.  I gave the club four and a half stars because I am aware that some may not be able to get past the sound.  I am not bothered by the sound much at all. It  serves two necessary purposes that I have been looking for.   It gets me off the tee on tight holes leaving a closer approach than hitting an iron off the tee would, and it helps me reach par fives in two.  It does these two things very well.  




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