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KickX Tour Z Golf Ball Reviews


The best ball I have played!


Pros: It works with every single shot.

Cons: Graphics are a bit too much.

I have been playing the Kick X Tour Z golf ball for a little more than a month now.  I love the way that this ball performs on every shot and in all conditions.  I have not played a ball that feels as soft as this does, with the distance it gets.  I was previously playing the ProV1x and although I like how it reacts off the tee and how it flies it is just feels too hard for me on all shots, especially around the green.     The only ball that gives me the feel of a softer ball but plays the way I want it to is the Kick X Tour Z golf ball.  I can't believe how long this ball is with how soft it feels.  It is the best of both worlds to me.  With...
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Great Ball


Pros: Soft feel around the greens, CONSISTANT

Cons: graphics are a bit loud

Gor a free sleeve and was VERY impressed with the feel and distance of these balls. The only con for me is the alignemnt lins on the ball, which I generally do not use. I prefer a ball with minial graphics to avaoid any distraction when hiting the ball (especially on the green!) Overall a great ball though!

Impressive Distance, Trajectory, and Spin Characteristics


Pros: Very high ball flight; lots of spin.

First impressions. Pulling the ball out of the sleeve, two things jump out:  the ball feels sticky, and the graphics are wild.  The "sticky" feel of the cover must help the cover connect with the grooves, because this ball spins like crazy.  The graphics were a little distracting (there's a giant orange X staring up at you), but the alignment aid on the side was useful on both the tee and green.   Trajectory.  My first shot with the KickX Tour Z was a driver on a medium-length dogleg right par 4 with a stiff left-to-right wind.  Whoa--how did that happen?  So I hit another one, and WOW--what is going on here?  Just to make sure I hadn't lost...
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Right up there with the other tour balls


Pros: Distance, feel, durability

Cons: Graphics, little less spin, soft off of the putter face

I didn't get the opportunity to play with this ball as much as I would have liked (due to some injuries), but I was able to play with it during two scramble rounds which I think is sufficient to review it.   As soon as I opened the package and felt the ball, I could tell it was a tour level ball. It doesn't have the hard cover feeling that you typically get from lesser balls and feels on par with the other tour balls on the market.   Design   Being a web/graphic designer part-time, branding is something that immediately catch my eye. I wasn't a fan of the graphics on the ball. I felt there's just a little too much going on with the large orange "X" and the...
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Z-Align Design Does It For Me


Pros: Alignment and Feel

Cons: N/A

Kick X: Tour-Z Premium Golf Ball   I received a dozen Kick X: Tour-Z premium golf balls in May.  This was the first time I have played the Tour-Z ball, as over the last couple of years I've only played the TaylorMade Penta tour golf balls, most recently the TP5.     Tour-Z Unboxing   As soon as I took the Tour-Z's out of the sleeve, I immediately noticed the unique marking on the ball.     One of my favorite things about the look of the Tour-Z golf ball was the 'Z-Aline Alignment System' that is found on the golf ball itself.  It is elementary in design, but sets up perfect to my eye, and makes it incredibly easy to line up a putt.  ...
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Very Impressive


Pros: Great durability and very workable

Cons: Doesn't do well in the wind

Putter:  This ball worked very well on the green.  Rolls true to the line you put it on.  The alignment aid was very beneficial for me as I choose to line up every putt with the aid.  It definitely helps you out by having 3 lines instead of the normal 1 line that most of us are used to having as an alignment aid.   Around the Green:  This ball can get some massive amounts of spin.  I really liked playing with this ball from 50 yards in.  I could really create, or not create, spin by where I placed the ball in my stance and how I contacted the ball.  Really neat to experiment and see the different results with minor changes in ball...
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Very Impressed


Pros: Great spin and control, good driver feel, excellent distance, soft feel

Cons: Loud graphics, cover durability, soft feel

After several practice sessions and 36 holes, I think I'm ready to declare this ball a real winner.   Putting (4/5)   The first thing you notice when taking these balls out of the sleeve is how soft and cover feels in your hands.  The urethane cover almost feels 'sticky' in comparison to other premium balls... it is noticeably softer than what I am used to playing.  Because of this, the Kick X tour took a bit of getting used to on the putting green.     Putting side-by-side with a Pro V1x left a sour impressed as these balls feel very different off the putter face.  The V1x has a muted crisp feeling, and in contrast impact off the putter...
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Competes with tour level balls


Pros: Soft putter feel, good durability, clear alignment aid

Cons: lacks some spin around the greens, Logo is a bit much

Overall this is a very good ball and responds well to many different kinds of shots.  In a blind test I'm not sure I could tell the difference between this ball and my regular Callaways except for the sound at impact and  less spin around the greens.   Driver:  The ball performed well.  I didn't notice any gain in distance, but no appreciable loss either.   Irons:  I had a slight loss in distance with my irons, but once again nothing drastic.  The sound coming off of the clubface was harder than I'm used to, but the ball flight was nice and high and with enough spin to stop the balls on our greens easily.    Around the...
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As good as it gets


Pros: Short game control

Cons: Price, feel off putter.

My overall impression is that this is a terrific ball.  It launched a little lower than the ProV1x, and I didn't notice any difference in distance.  But it really excelled in the short game, where I was pleasantly surprised that it matched, and possibly even surpassed, the ProV1x I typically play.  The only negative was that I thought it felt a bit too soft off the putter, even dull at times.     Appearance:  I really liked the appearance.  The logo is bold, with a big orange X, but it still has a clean appearance.  I appreciated having a ball that was very easy to identify.     Off the Tee:  Off the tee, I found...
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