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Z-Align Design Does It For Me

A Review On: KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

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Pros: Alignment and Feel

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Kick X: Tour-Z Premium Golf Ball


I received a dozen Kick X: Tour-Z premium golf balls in May.  This was the first time I have played the Tour-Z ball, as over the last couple of years I've only played the TaylorMade Penta tour golf balls, most recently the TP5.  


Tour-Z Unboxing


As soon as I took the Tour-Z's out of the sleeve, I immediately noticed the unique marking on the ball.




One of my favorite things about the look of the Tour-Z golf ball was the 'Z-Aline Alignment System' that is found on the golf ball itself.  It is elementary in design, but sets up perfect to my eye, and makes it incredibly easy to line up a putt.


The only thing I didn't care for when looking at the Tour-Z ball - was the size of the dimples.  The Tour-Z has 316 dimples, which is much lower than the TaylorMade TP5 (360 dimple pattern in comparison).  It was only a minor concern, but the dimples appeared to be larger than the TP5.





Tour-Z Alignment Aid




The Z-Aline Alignment System found on the Tour-Z golf ball is by far my favorite thing about this premium golf ball.  While the Z-Aline Alignment System is simple in design, the execution which incorporates two black parallel lines - offers excellent contrast when placed onto the white ball.  And the solid black dot placed in the center - with an intersecting gray alignment line really gives you a focal point as you prepare to make the stroke.  It doesn't hurt that the ball really sets up beautifully with my TaylorMade white Ghost Spider putter.


This is exactly the type of alignment aid I like to see - and really helped me eliminate variables with regard to proper alignment when putting.





When playing with the Tour-Z, I found the Z-Aline useful as an alignment aid when placed onto a tee too to hit a full shot with a driver or iron.  It just gives you a solid reference for path.  



Tour-Z Distance



The Tour-Z has a 'Metal Fusion Core' - which sounds fancy to me.  But I didn't notice this ball to be longer or shorter than the Penta.  I have not had access to Trackman to do a side-by-side comparison of the two golf balls... But from playing several rounds of golf with the Tour-Z... I'd say the difference is minimal.  The good for the Tour-Z is that it can hang with the Penta when it comes to distance.


Tour-Z Feel


I've tried other 'Premium' tour golf balls from other manufacturers over the past few years... Ultimately, after testing these other golf balls, I'd find myself continuing to go back to the TaylorMade Penta.  So before I received the Tour-Z's, I was cautiously optimistic that they would indeed have 'tour feel'.  Well after playing several rounds with the TourZ, I'm pleased to say that they do indeed feel like a premium golf ball.  The Tour-Z can stand up to the Penta in all facets of golf from tee to green. 
In particular, I'm playing a putter with an insert - therefore, it is imperative that the ball 'feels' solid coming off the face of the putter.  And I'm pleased to report, that I did not have any concerns at all when putting with the Tour-Z.  It rolls well from all distances; short, medium to long.  And I was making a lot of putts from 10ft and in.  A great sign... One that has me considering switching to the Tour-Z long term.
Tour-Z Spin


The Tour-Z golf ball was also very complimentary to the type of check/spin I'm used to playing with the Penta.  I'm a fan of a ball that flies - and checks within a yard or two max beyond it's pitch mark.  One thing that I do not want in a golf ball, is one that is too spinny and spins back large distances away from its original pitch mark.  While it may look cool, it's far to difficult to manage a spinny golf ball in my mind.  Therefore, being able to control the distances of the Tour-Z with my wedges was a big plus.   As the Tour-Z left a small pitch mark - and would typically be within a matter of a few feet from it's original pitch mark on a normal sloped green.  
Tour-Z Workability


My typical ball flight with my mid to short irons is a baby fade.  I didn't have any issues hitting this stock shot with the Tour-Z.  And while I'm not a guy that tries to work the ball on every shot - as I'm not at that skill level yet.  When I needed to hit a draw/hook - or a fade/slice - I was able to work the ball accordingly.  And if I missed the shot - it wasn't because of the ball... But moreso the lack of skill to pull of the shot on my side! b3_huh.gif
Tour-Z Value


The Tour-Z is a Premium golf ball that retails for $35.95 + Shipping + Tax per dozen.  While I live in Southern California, sales tax is free, and the standard shipping option is $4.99.  So for a dozen golf balls, I can pick them up at $40-41 per dozen.  At this price, I believe the ball is fairly priced - especially when it performs as a premium golf ball.
The only thing that is keeping me from gaming them is that I stock pile the Pentas when they go on sale for 3 dozen balls for the price of 2.  Therefore, the value of the Tour-Z @$3.40 per ball is a little more expensive than the Penta which can be had @ ~ $2.50  per ball when their on sale.
The ball is durable though - and will last as long - if not longer than many other premium golf balls with soft covers.  So you will get some extended use of these balls which may help offset the price per ball.
In Closing


If you're in the market for a new premium golf ball... And you want to play something that your buddies most likely aren't... Check out the Kick X Tour-Z golf ball.  They will perform well, and you'll know when you pull up to your ball as it is uniquely marked unlike the dozens of other manufacturers golf balls on the market. 


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