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Right up there with the other tour balls

A Review On: KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

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Pros: Distance, feel, durability

Cons: Graphics, little less spin, soft off of the putter face

I didn't get the opportunity to play with this ball as much as I would have liked (due to some injuries), but I was able to play with it during two scramble rounds which I think is sufficient to review it.


As soon as I opened the package and felt the ball, I could tell it was a tour level ball. It doesn't have the hard cover feeling that you typically get from lesser balls and feels on par with the other tour balls on the market.




Being a web/graphic designer part-time, branding is something that immediately catch my eye. I wasn't a fan of the graphics on the ball. I felt there's just a little too much going on with the large orange "X" and the type "Tour Z" all bunched up there together with a large number. Not the end of the world, but was my initial impression. The more minimal the better.


The one thing I loved regarding the design was the alignment lines. I felt like it was much easier to line up the KickX over the small thin line on the ProV1's.




I don't have Trackman numbers to back up my claims, but I felt like the KickX ball was longer with the irons. The first swing I made with one was on a 120 yard par three which should have been perfect for my PW. I ended up flying the green by about 8 yards. Impact with irons feel like any other tour ball out there except this one seems to just fly a little further.




Just like with the irons, I seemed to gain a little distance with driver over my normal ProV1x ball. There were a couple occasions where I hit the KickX ball first and then hit a ProV1x immediately after and the KickX ball ended up about 10 yards longer each time. Difficult to tell if it just got some extra roll once it landed, or if it really was 10 yards longer. I would be really curious to hit both balls on Trackman and actually see if my ball speed goes up. Can't argue with the results though.


Around the Green


I spin the ball quite a bit and this ball spins enough to compete with other tour quality balls. It seemed to have a little less spin than my ProV1x, but it's not a deal breaker for me. I put it down as a "con" because I think the goal is for the ball to spin a lot like other tour balls, but it could be a "pro" depending on your point of view. A lot of times I'll come up short of the pin because I've spun it too much. So... maybe it's a good thing?




The ball feels extremely soft off of the putter face. I almost felt like I needed to take a more agressive stroke to get the ball to the hole. There's not much sound at impact and we know that sound is closely related to feel. I really didn't feel like I had much feel with this ball when putting.




There's no doubt this ball is good enough to compete with the big boys. It performs extremely well in all areas except on the putting surface but personal preference has a lot to do with my feelings on that. The feel on the greens is the one thing that will keep me from putting this ball in my bag.


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TheSandTrap.com › User Reviews › Equipment › Golf Balls › Premium › KickX Tour Z Golf Ball › Reviews › deronsizemore's Review