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Impressive Distance, Trajectory, and Spin Characteristics

A Review On: KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

KickX Tour Z Golf Ball

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Pros: Very high ball flight; lots of spin.

First impressions. Pulling the ball out of the sleeve, two things jump out:  the ball feels sticky, and the graphics are wild.  The "sticky" feel of the cover must help the cover connect with the grooves, because this ball spins like crazy.  The graphics were a little distracting (there's a giant orange X staring up at you), but the alignment aid on the side was useful on both the tee and green.


Trajectory.  My first shot with the KickX Tour Z was a driver on a medium-length dogleg right par 4 with a stiff left-to-right wind.  Whoa--how did that happen?  So I hit another one, and WOW--what is going on here?  Just to make sure I hadn't lost my swing, I hit one with my Penta-TP.  Okay, that looked normal.


HOLY CRAP THIS BALL FLIES HIGH!!  The normal shot on the opening tee is to hit a sliding cut that rides the wind around the massive banyan tree that blocks the right half of the hole, which I did perfectly with the Penta.  The Tour Z would have easily gone over the tree.  The ball went BALListic right off of the clubface, and just kept climbing.  Both of my tee shots were solidly hit though, and they cut right through the wind without excessive bend.  This was repeated shot after shot:  I could bring the flight down a little bit if I tried, but it was still much higher than Penta.


Distance.  The ball is long.  I repeated my driver experiment several times over that first 18, and each time the Tour Z was within a few yards of my Penta.  Even into the wind, when the ball went dangerously high, the distance was still comparable with the more penetrating Penta.  A few times I hit impossible bombs with the Tour Z.  It was equally long and high with the irons.


Off of the woods.  High, long.  Solid feel when struck well, and a great sound.  I never could keep the ball within a few thousand feet of the ground, no matter how hard I tried, but this is apparently no cause for concern.  The ball seemed to be unaffected by wind, and the high bombs into the wind were just as long as the lower shots with my normal ball.  I got into trouble a few times, actually, because the ball wouldn't go with the wind.  When you're putting a ball into orbit with a 30MPH right-to-left crosswind, you tend to allow for a big hook.  When the ball stays comparatively straight, you tend to then mutter unspeakable things and declare a provisional.  I did this a few times in the first 36 holes.


Off of the irons.  Here is where this ball truly shines:  the long, towering, spinning shot off of a 4-iron that holds the green, even downwind.  I hit many solid long irons with this ball during my first 36 holes, and most acted comparable to what I've described with the woods.  However, two shots truly stand out--and they were on consecutive holes.  The first was a downwind shot from 225 yards to a tiny, elevated green completely surrounded by sand.  It's a terribly difficult shot from 225, especially downwind, because if you hit it hard enough to land on the green, it's probably flying too hot to hold the green. I hit a flush, hard 5-iron that launched into the air.  It landed on the middle of the green, 20-feet short of the tucked back pin.  I walked up to the green fully expecting to have an impossible flop shot from behind the green, but was pleasantly surprised to see my ball sitting 10-feet below the hole.  I had a similar situation on the next hole.  A bombed drive left me with a 230 carry, over water the entire way, to a slightly downhill par-5 green with a helping left-to-right wind.  I didn't think "this ball is really excellent for layups" would play well in the review, so I unsheathed the 4-iron and toed it into the water.  I dropped another ball (hey, I'm a weekend golfer).  This one was flush, sky high, heading straight for the flag.  The wind pushed it just a hair right of the flag, towards the edge of this typically hard green--I was sure I was going to be short-sided.  The ball mark was 5 feet from the fringe, and the ball stopped on the fringe.  Two unbelievable long irons in a row that held very difficult greens.


Off of the wedges.  To put it bluntly, I'm not happy with the way this ball performed with my wedges.  I couldn't control the spin, and I couldn't keep the ball from ballooning up into the wind.  I spun four wedge shots completely off of the green, once even when I had opted for a 3/4 PW over a full GW.  If you're looking for more spin, this is your ball.


Chipping and pitching.  The "too much spin" trend bled over into pitches and chips as well.  I typically like to hit two chip shots:  the two-hop runner, and the two-hop spinner.  The spinner was super easy to execute with the Tour Z, but my runners kept coming up short.  The second hop always seemed to grip the green a little too well, and I had a lot of 10-footers where I was hoping for 2-footers.  This isn't really a drawback to the ball, though--if you really liked the spinny properties of this ball, you'd have to simply change your tactics around the green a bit.  I did manage to hold the green with an impossible downwind bunker shot off of a downhill lie, though.


Putting.  I've never been one to worry about (or really notice) the way a ball "feels" clicking off of the putter face, so I can't really comment on that.  The alignment aid, however, is money.  It's easy to line up (saving a bit of time in the pre-shot routine), and super easy to focus on.  I'd dare say that I hit the putter more "solidly" throughout the rounds I played with the Tour Z because the alignment graphics draw your eye, and your clubface, to the center of the ball.  Other than that, the ball putts like any other ball.  I didn't notice that the pace was any different, and the "sticky" feeling cover didn't seem to slow down the pace of my putts at all.


Durability.  The ball scuffed fairly easily, about equal to my usual Penta.  The Pro-V cover is seemingly more resistant to scuffs and groove-marks on a full wedge shot.  However, the cover on the Tour Z doesn't discolor the way Penta does.  After seven holes playing with one ball, I had three very nice scuff marks (two from the wedge grooves; one from a cartpath) on a brilliantly white ball.  The Penta's cover would have noticeably faded at this point. 


Overall impressions.  The distance, trajectory, and spin characteristics were impressive.  When you want to hit a ball really high with a billion RPMs of spin, this is a fantastic ball.  Unfortunately, I rarely want to hit that shot, so it was more of a novelty than a selling point.  If I still lived in Georgia, I might have a different impression--but here in windy Hawaii, I'll be sticking with my Penta.  Still, this is a high-quality ball which I would choose over anything Titleist offers.  Bottom line:  if I needed to play a spin ball, this would be my hands-down choice over Pro-V.


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