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Will help speed up play and confusion; KP Golf Tape is a no brainer for golf tournaments or Greenie bets

A Review On: KP Golf Tape Measuring Tape

KP Golf Tape Measuring Tape

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Pros: Many uses, Durable, Only need one person to use it

Cons: Heavy if you're carrying it and walking




Throughout high school and college I played in a few regular groups where the KP Golf Measuring Tape would have been very useful. We had various bets going on during the round.  One of them was a Greenie bet (closest to the hole on par 3's) that were worth $5 and at least once a week you'd find one of us trying to figure who's closest by pacing the distance or using our putters to "measure".  If only we had the KP Tape, it would have saved us time and maybe even a few arguments a1_smile.gif


What exactly is the KP Golf Tape?  It's a 100 foot tape measure with an end specially designed to clamp to a flagstick.  No instrucutions needed, very simple and easy to use and only one person needs to operate it.  Rollers inside the clamp let it freely rotate around the flagstick to any point on the green without damaging the hole or the green.  


The design and construction of KP Golf Tape is solid. Main pieces are kept together with screws, not glued together. The plastic is thick and the tape itself as good as anything you.ll find in a hardware store.


In addition to the competition measuring, this also can be used for setting up various putting and chipping drills.  Here are a couple pics of my son using it in the backyard to practice his putting.  He's getting much better at dialing the length of his stroke for putts ranging from 5 ft- 15 feet (only so much room back there).  I think this is where players can struggle with distance control with putting.  They'll "hit" the putt harder to make it go a further distance than just make the stroke longer.  You should be able to close your eyes and gauge the difference between 5 ft, 8ft, 15 ft, etc.  Developing that touch and feel is going to help you give the ball the best chance to go in the hole.  Having bad speed control, trying to "ram" in the short putts, only makes the hole smaller.








The KP Golf Tape would be great for golf course officials who need to determine who is away in match play. The problem is the unit is too heavy to just carry around.  Might be great for PGA Tour officials that get to ride around in carts but maybe not so much for USGA officials that walk with the group. The same would go for golfers that walk, the KP Golf Tape is going to add some noticeable weight to your bag.


At $49.95 it's a bit steep but will last you a long time, built for "years of abuse" as the website says. If you play in a regular money game, you'll use it every round.  Heck, you could even split the cost with the people in your group.  I think the unit is something that every club pro should consider buying for use in lessons, events and competitions.  The KP Golf Measuring Tape is a really great, practical product that is really simple to use for a variety of functions.  


Check out the KP Golf Website for more information and how to purchase











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