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KP Golf Tape is easy and quick to use. built to last

A Review On: KP Golf Tape Measuring Tape

KP Golf Tape Measuring Tape

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Pros: well built, easy to use, plenty of tape

Cons: Heavy for walkers

  The KP Golf Tape (KP Tape) is a basically a tape measure that is 100 feet long that has a clamp that easily clamps onto the flagstick, does not damage the cup, and starts measuring from the edge of the cup.   It is extremely easy to use.  This ease is quickly noticed when you are going to measure a ball which is on the other side of the green from where you are.  All you do is clamp on the flagstick as you walk by and keep on moving.  There is no need to remove the flag as is required by most current mechanical measuring devices.  

The KP Tape is easy to keep in a bag or cart but would add a considerable weight if walking.   As for use by a tournament official in match play it would be godsend , especially as the clamp with its rollers will allow the tape and mechanism to pivot around the flagstick easily and the determination of .who is away. is made quite simple.  It would be nice to have a belt clip for the walking official in match play events but those are so few and far between I don.t believe it would be worth the added cost for everyone to bear.   I guess they will figure out a way to fit it into a stylish fanny pack.  

Speaking of cost,   the website http://www.kpgolftape.com/ has the 100 foot version of the device for sale at $49.95.  (N.B.  I show price paid as $49.95..however, I was given the device to test and did not pay for it)   The KP Tape does appear to be on the pricey side but the construction is quite sturdy and you would have to truly abuse it to do damage.  This device should outlast your bag, clubs, and in my case, me.  Everything looks to be screwed together (a lot like me, now that I think about it)  

The device is also good for practice, either by measuring different gaps on the chipping or putting green for distance practice or even for leaving it pulled out for a visual reference while chipping.  The winding mechanism was easy to use and clamp end fit into the storage housing easily.   

The only warning I have is that when I first pulled the KP tape out with various groups they all wanted every approach shot measured to see how close they were to the pin.  I started to worry about slow play until I realized how quickly I could do 3 or 4 measurements without any undue delay.  The game of the day a couple of times became one of who was the most accurate guesser of distance.  
















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