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Lag Rag


Pros: Easy to Use.... and a Great value

Cons: If swung too many times in a row will cause a major hook.


Lag rag review.

Unfortunately the Lag Rag Came right as my golf time was seriously diminished.


First the bad news. The Lag Rag will not make you a great golfer overnight. Now for the good news. It will improve your swing roughly 70% of the time on the spot after several swings with it on your driver.

So how does it work? The lag rag work by working the muscles that innately turn over club through impact.  It does this by hanging the majority of the rag of the end of the toe of the club. So when you start the down swing the face of the club (for the most part) and the rag are parallel to the swing plane.  The length of the rag provides resistance by virtue of its length that provides Lag. To me the magic is getting through the hitting  zone. Through the hitting zone the Rag provide force on the toe increasingly perpendicular to the face making it harder to turn through. After a few swings with the rag, when you swing without it, you find that it’s much easier to close the face through impact. 

The only problem I see with this method of correction is the propensity to over correct. In order to use this product effectively you must swing it in a controlled manner so you don’t lose the weight of the club head. The result is that you’ll start duck hooking the ball.  The last thing is that It doesn't provide varying degrees of resistance which I think would greatly enhance the product. 


All in all this is actually a training aid you should have in/ on your back everyone should have it and swing it to warm up before teeing off. In that respect it’s great and for the price you really can’t beat it.

I haven’t had a chance to take video due to work and family obligations I will post as soon as I have a chance. I will also use it during the winter and update this post somewhere in the middle of my winter league.


I recommend every slicer get this aid. 


Pros: Easy to use, let's you feel lagging clubhead

Cons: Possible to misuse or develop bad habits

The LagRag is a training aid primarily focused on developing swing speed. It is a golf towel with some industrial strength velcro that makes it easy to attach to your driver. The idea is to swing your driver with the LagRag everyday to build your golf muscles as the towel will provide resistance.







Velcro outlined in red so you can see it better.


The LagRag comes with a DVD that shows how to use the product along with some drills to correct a slice or hook and some suggestions to build muscle strength and increase swing speed. The DVD starts with the inventor (I'm assuming he's the inventor, he never introduces himself) hitting a long drive. Unfortunately we only see his swing head on and don't get to see how far the ball goes. I'm sure he hits it a long way but it would be nice to see it on video. It would also be nice to know who this is and what his credentials are. I went to the LagRag site ( http://www.lagrag.com/LagRagGolfTestimonials.html ) and found this info but it would be nice to know his name:




- Three time Club Champion - Harlem Valley Golf Club
- Featured in Sports Illustrated: "Faces in the Crowd" for being youngest ever to win Club Championship -Harlem Valley Golf Club, age 15
- Certified Golf Instructor for 3 years USGTF
- Passed the PGA Player Ability Test
- Back-to-back Candlewood Open Winner
- 3 hole-in-ones
- lowest handicap maintained: +2
- highest recorded club speed: 130mph
- lowest round course record: 61 (with a bogey) Harlem Valley Golf Club



I think the drills to increase swing speed are valid and helpful although the video tends to drone on a bit. I'm not sure how much the slice or hook drills will help anyone. Some of the information is suspect based on my understanding of the "New" ball flight laws. For example he says like  a hook is caused my flipping your hands over at impact and gives a drill to correct it. 


Here's a quick video ov me using the LagRag to warm up at the golf dome.


I've used the LagRag off and on for a few weeks. I really like it as a warm-up tool. I can see getting to the course and using it at the first tee to help stretch out when you don't have any time to hit balls. I can also see where using it daily for a 5-10 minute workout could really build your golf muscles and increase your swing speed. I plan on working out with it over the winter and see what kind speed increase I can get. I'll report back in the spring and let you know if I managed to increase my usual 240-250 yard drives.



Pros: quick to install, stays on club well, creates good drag

Cons: DVD is basically a instructional dvd .. May be good for beginners

The lagrag itself is a good resistance mechanism to help build muscle, get the feel of club lag and may help build speed with driver. I am not sure at what cost this may come. Most folks will need to make sure they do not overdo using the lagrag for they may either sustain overuse injury at first or may get out of their normal swing. The DVD does have some drills to help folks with hooks and slices. As I am not afflicted with those issues, I am not able to address how well the drills work. I do know that I had to make sure I throttled back to my normal tempo as the Lag Rag had me overswing my driver causing me to revert to a horrid slice. Used judiciously, there is a place for the Lag Rag.. Used slowly and in moderation, it is a good warm up tool. Used over time, I believe strength will be built. I have not seen an appreciable gain in distance yet but to be fair, I have also been a major weight loss campaign over the last 5 months so... The key factor as to whether I would spend money to buy this would be the price point. The DVD is home made and shows it but I think that is appropiate to keep the ocsts down. I do not think this product needs a slick DVD to get the message across. Bottom line... The price will dictate any success this item has in the marketplace.












Lag Rag

What's unique about the Lag Rag training system is the swing dynamics. What it does is it creates just enough drag on the backswing to help prevent early wrist hinging and promote a one-piece, or long takeaway. On the way up, it remains relatively light and at the very top of the backswing, the golf trainer sags beneath the clubhead, creating a natural wrist set before the downswing begins. The closer you get to the top of your followthrough, the lighter the trainer becomes. At the very top, the golf trainer sags again and helps you to a nice complete finish.

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